Mitosis Cell division

The first stage of mitosis is prophase. During prophase chromosomes start to line up and the nuclear envelope begins to break down and the mitosis spindle begins to form. This is the very start of cell division and during this step of prophase the guidelines for the other phases are put into motion.

Metaphase is the second phase of mitosis. Metaphase is when the chromosomes line up along the "equater" of the cell and the spindle from fibers attach themselves tho each side of the chromosomes to prepare for the next phase of mitosis.

Daughter or sister chomosome separate during the third phase of mitosis known as anaphase. They are pulled to opposite ends or poles of the cell. The remaining spindle fibers are stretched and pulled apart. Most importantly this stage is identified by the chromosomes being separated.

Telophase is the last phase of mitosis. At this stage the cleaveage furrow forms which is the point at which the cell will divide and form the new cell wall. The chromosomes will then be enclosed by their new nuclear envelop during this stage also well.

Cytokinesis is the point at which the cells have completely divided and formed new cell walls separate of each other. The point of contact pictured below is referred to as the cell plate. At this point the cell has everything it needs to function independently from the other cell.

Here is a video to help you further understand the phases of mitosis.

For a overview of the entire cycle of a cells life other then just the phases of division watch the video below.

Below you can see actual phases of real cells going through the phases. Can you identify each phase in the pictures and how so?


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