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It is always a challenge to find time to create contextual, beautiful content for your product. Finding the right recruit with a mature mindset who can think as a product owner and think for consumers is also a gargantuan task. Sure, you can find freelance writers who can gobble up some words out of thin air, but to get the right content planned, executed and distributed to reach your target audience needs a mature approach. I have worked in the content industry for over 4 years to understand that it is not the fancy tools and platforms which wins consumers over, it is bespoke, empathy-led content which interests common folk (target audience). Here are some of the content samples I have created for some new age businesses.

Real Estate and Building Materials Manufacturing Client


Business and Life Coach

Current Clients

  • http://blog.sparklore.com/
  • http://www.alchemysolutions.asia/blog/
  • blog.drivojoy.com
  • blog.bizongo.in
  • https://www.vaswebwork.com/blog/
  • optit.in

Here are some graphic design samples

Brochure design for a software firm
Brochure design for a software firm

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