Rainforest Utopia Expressions of Tropical Forms Through Line Art

Drooping Rapturous Sunshine

Sunrise for me is full of energy, purpose and anticipation of the day ahead. Everything is possible.

Sunset is when I relax. I’ve done a good day’s work and the day’s demands start to slip away with the settling sun. The night will be all mine.

Fading Golden Music

When there’s a dry spell in the tropics, the earth catches fire. Gold and orange leaves fall like sparks from flaming trees and the scent of forest flowers intoxicates the night breeze. A dry forest rustles underfoot with an offbeat music.

Floating Ravenous Requiem

I find camouflage fascinating. We can understand the evolutionary process that made it possible, but it still amazes us to see something disappear into its environment. It seems like magic, and perhaps it is. But it’s a trick that took many thousands of years to master.

Drooping Drowsy Boughs

In the tropical afternoon heat everything slows down. It’s best to take it easy. Find a branch to rest on, watch the dry leaves fall, wonder why ants are always so busy and doze to the steady drone of jungle cicadas.

Bending Lovely Visions
Trailing Immortal Forms
Ripening Gorgeous Spirit
Imitating Happy Spirit
Hovering Ecstatic Shapes

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