I walked into the Saint John’s gym when I was a small 8th grader with my head held high as I was pretty confident in my physical ability. I was there early at 8am but there was this kid already pumping iron and sweating hard despite the room just opening. He was just casually squatting 300 pounds like it was nothing. I was amazed the strength of the man who was only like 5 feet tall but looked like he weighed 190 pounds with all that muscle on his arms and legs. It was amazing to watch but I realized that I had to get to work and stop gawking like a little school girl.
The same kid that was going hard in the gym was also a captain for the football team! I was amazed at this kid but whenever I would look at him or when he would talk to me, I would get shy and look away feeling inferior to the man. I later found out that his name is MacBrian Nkongchu though most people call him Mac.
He had played with Davon Jones who is a Boston College starter. Those two wrecked havoc across central massachusetts in the 2013 and 2014 seasons.
Mac now plays at Assumption College and plays Division 2 football. Meeting him was an inspiration as I myself I’m not that tall and I have always aspired to play college ball and even in the nfl. But as I got older a dark realization crept up into the back of my mind, I was too small and too unathletic to play for most of college and definitely not the nfl. But after seeing Mac’s hard work despite his stature and his attitude that he is the biggest and baddest player on the field no matter his size has resparked my football inspiration. And now everytime I work out and play football, I want to do my very best and beyond to surpass him and play in college at a higher level and perhaps beyond.

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