Return to Exhilaration providing piece of mind for entertainment VENUES

People need to get back to laughing, sharing and living.

And need to do it in the safest possible way.

With ultimate convenience.

Providing Peace of Mind

Power of Prevention
Your Test. Your Time. Your Terms.

Many Questions.

A vaccine is on the way - but there is much to consider.

When is it available? What do I do until then?

How do I get my employees and customers back with Peace of Mind?

Turn-key Convenience

Schedule vaccine or at-home test at reservation or ticket purchase through VaxAtlas on-demand app

If event is 6 weeks in future: schedule COVID:19 vaccination at 1000's of convenient locations

For near-term events: a COVID-19 test is mailed with instructions to perform test and return in a targeted timeframe.

VaxAtlas app - will help your clientele with reminders.

Vaccination or test results stored in client portable VaxVault.

Secure Confirmation.

Use VaxPass QR to cruise through check points

Stored in the testing and vaccination history for life.

Peace of Mind and moving toward normal.


How many guests tested? Vaccinated?

Monitor tests and vaccinations scanned and performed for each event.

Simple. Secure. Right now.

Time to get back to life.

The Power of Prevention.