Cats are Jerks Isaiah piper

Sorry cat lovers, that hair spitting fur ball you love so much is a total jerk. It's not bias, personally I adore my little fluffy cats running around, but you can't ignore the science. Your cats don't care about your wants and needs.

First off, cats are intelligent enough to recognize the voice of their owner, they can even differentiate between a stranger's voice and their owner's. However, what animal comes when you call it? Surprise surprise, it's NOT a cat. When cats hear their owner's voice, they simply choose not to respond to you because they don't care about whatever you're trying to get their attention for. I know what you're thinking, "my cats always come when I call them for feeding time" and you're right, they usually will. They can tell when you are calling them for food, or for just affection. Unless they feel particularly lonely or affectionate, you can bet money safely on them ignoring your summons until feeding time.

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