Issac Newton By: Afraa Mohammed

Background information

Issac Newton was born in Lincolnshire, England in 1642. He died in 1726, at age of 84. He is in the fields of physics, natural philosophy, alchemy theology, mathematics, astronomy, and economics.

Lincolnshire, England

Summary of ideas:

  • Newton was certain that all physical objects were affected equally by the same force.
  • He published his ideas in a work called The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.
  • Newton published and explained the law of gravity.
  • He helped bring together breakdowns under a single theory of motion.
  • Newton's great discovery was that the same force ruled motion of plants and all matter on earth and in space.

Impact on society

Newton's ideas made scholars use observations, experiments, and scientific reasons to gather knowledge instead of relying on ancient authorities, church teachings, common sense, and reasoning to explain the physical world. That change helped people to understand the world better.

Impact on traditional beliefs in society

Old science relied on traditions, teachings, and common sense and Newton changed science from being relyEd on traditions to observations, experiments, and scientific reasons to gather knowledge. That made people to have similar ideas about the world and not how based on their traditions.

Quote of wisdom

"What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean". A quote by Issac Newton. This quote means that what we know about the world is the size of a drop of water but what we don't know is the size of an ocean. I think this quote is true and relateable. Many people say they say that they know everything but they actually, don't the world is full of questions and discoveries.

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