What is this museum?

The Creation of Mountains Museum is a museum that teaches kids and adults alike about how are glorious mountains were created. There are many different way mountains are created, eroded, and changed. This museum will shed light on everyone's questions about mountains. In addition to this, there is a food court and a gift shop where you can get your favorite foods and a fun souvenir to remember us by!

The museum was founded in 2014, by a young man named Robert H. Woodfin III. He formed a team of people to help him with this project, and in a few years it had a grand opening. Thousands of people were there to see the new museum, and when the ribbon was cut by the owner, Robert Woodfin himself, everyone stormed in and business began. It is still very new, and the Creation of Mountains Museum has a five-star rating. Robert Woodfin himself said this, "I got the idea of this museum from a simple book. All of the credit goes to 'The Creation of Mountains' book."

Freedman, Jeri. The Creation of Mountains. New York: Rosen Publishing Group Inc., 2010.


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