The Red Driver Ant BY: ryann carrillo and celeste gonzalez

Driver ants are ants. It kind of gives it away in it's name. It's scientific name dorylus. It's closley related to the army ant.


The Red driver ants diet is pretty much anything in it's way that it can kill and eat. It's main prey animals are other insects and, if food is scarce, they will eat small rats and mice.


A driver ant can defeat a lot of animals but not all. It's main predators that we know of are Jumping Spiders and Ant Eaters.


Driver ants are blind, very aggressive, bright orange-red-brown, and they have a huge range of sizes. Males are called sausage flies.


Normal sized ants can get up to the size of 2mm - 8mm. The male ant can get up to the size of 25mm.

The End


Created with images by ROverhate - "queen ant ant ant head" • marknenadov - "Ant from the Formica family"

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