The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt Created By Brian Fox

The Spatial Experience

As soon as I entered the auditorium, I felt a sense of curiosity and mystery. Initially I was upset when I was forced to sit at the left side of the stage, but as the play started, I knew immediately that where I sat would have no effect towards my overall experience. When the lights dimmed and the audience silenced, I knew I was in for a well-thought and well prepared performance. My mood quickly changed from a sense of curiosity to a sense of excitement. As the lights dimmed, the size of the room changed to a more personal atmosphere, almost to the point where I thought I was alone. The role that place plays in the good life is that when the audience feels alone from the dimming lights, they feel a belonging of comfort and personal attachment towards the play.

The Social Experience

I entered the play with two of my friends, but as soon as I sat down, I made sure I isolated myself. To prepare for this play, I googled the synopsis and read several reviews online. I wanted to understand the meaning of the play before watching it. I then met up with my friends at my dorm and we walked to the Constans Theatre twenty minutes before the play started. Although I did not watch the play sitting next to my friends, I still had an awesome experience. I had a personal attachment towards the play rather than having a shared experience with my peers, which I believe is more effective. The role of shared experience can enhance the overall experience because you are with the people you are most comfortable with, but I personally think watching the play alone is more effective and personal. Instead of potentially getting distracted by my peers, I was able to watch and focus during the whole play.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I was able to connect with this play to my personal life as I can easily relate to the social and religious struggles these characters dealt with. Especially when I stayed after to talk to the performers during the talk back, I was able to see how each one of them reacted similarly and differently towards my questions. This play helped me embrace my background and my culture and to accept who I am as person in this world. Before attending this play I knew people always judge others no matter what religion they followed, but this play helped me grasp and understand the problems that others may face too. The performance did not change my views, but enhanced it and helped me fully understand what the world has come to.

The Emotional Experience

Dr. Pagan's view and her explanation through the theatrical experience is very accurate in this play. Throughout this play there were many universal topics that lead the viewer to feel uncomfortable and uneasy. From avoiding religion, women's rights, and even social status, these were all presented throughout this play. This lead to the idea of Katharsis, where I was able to think and discuss with my peers about our positions in society as well as the problems many face in the world today. With all these problems put forth in the world, everyone can come together and talk about their problems. Overall, these topics are ideas of "coming clean."

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