William Shakespeare's Life and his Theater Connor Cantrell Period: 1

The statue of William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare's Plaque

Theme: The sonnets in Shakespeare’s story tell us that falling in love may have emotional and hurtful consequences.

Thesis: What was william shakespeare's life and what did the elizabithen theater look like?

About the Sonnets

Quote #1: “In 1609, a london publisher named thomas thorpe published a book called Shakespeare’s Sonnets. The volume contained more than 150 sonnets that Shakespeare had written over the years” (Lander).

Commentary: Shakespeare wrote more than 150 sonnets showing he was a prolific writer. His sonnets have influenced many other writers and are still continue to be read, analyzed, and enjoyed by many.

William Shakespeare's early life

Quote #2: “William Shakespeare was baptized at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford on April 26, 1564. But their was no birth records of William Shakespeare.”

Commentary: William Shakespeare was also born at Holy Trinity Church in the same town where he was baptized on April 26, 1564.

About the writing

Quote #3: “In Shakespeare's time, the English cared less about keeping info not related to the affairs of the church or the state. In addition, playwriting was not really a highly regarded occupation.”

Commentary: Shakespeare is also the world’s best writer and journalist.

William Shakespeare's writing and plays

Quote #4: “Shakespeare’s style has helped shape the language of all english speaking countries” (Lander).

Commentary: Shakespeare played with language, changing the meaning of words and adding new words he created. His influence on Modern English was so strong that it has shaped the language of many English speaking countries.

William Shakespeare's stories

Quote#5: “The story Romeo and Juliet was probably in the early plays that william shakespeare wrote, around 1594 and 1596. In 1612, when shakespeare returned to stratford, William Shakespeare had written 37 plays. Pg.777.”

Commentary: William Shakespeare made the story Romeo and Juliet in 1594 to 1596 and the story is about love, romance, and a little bit of violence in the story.

About William Shakespeare's writing

Quote #6: “William Shakespeare is the most famous writer in the world, although he only left us no journals or letters, he left us only his poems and his plays. What we all know about shakespeare's life poems mostly from church and documents is a baptismal registration, a marriage license, and estate transactions.”

Commentary: Shakespeare has also written thirty-seven plays including the best ones, such as Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Othello, Kind Lear, and Macbeth.

How many people know about Shakespeare and how many years did he do it

Quote #7: “Known from all over the world, Shakespeare's works have been performed in hamlets, cities, and metropolises for 400 years.”

Commentary: Shakespeare was also in a position to buy or otherwise acquire a partnership in one of the newly reorganized companies, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men.

William Shakespeare's Marriage

Quote #8: “In 4 years after he graduated, in 1582, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. Anna Hathaway was already expecting their first child named Susanna, which was common at the time. When they got married, Anne was 26 years old and Shakespeare was 18 years old. Anne grew up in stratford. After the Marriage, Anne spent her life in stratford.”

Commentary: In 1585, Shakespeare and Anne had twins named Judith and Hamnet. Later, Anne and the twins lived in stratford while shakespeare had his job in london, but were not really sure when he moved there.

How big was his stadium?

Quote #9: “William Shakespeare’s theater was huge, it could fit more than 2,000 people. They had actors, they did plays, and they discovered space.”

Commentary: The stage of his theater was a large stadium that projected into the pit. This allowed the audience to watch from the front and sides.

William Shakespeare's Death

Quote #10: “In the last plays that William Shakespeare worked on was The two noble kinsmen, which was wrote with a collaborator, in 1613. William Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616, the date of his birth.”

Commentary: They made a head face for William Shakespeare and Shakespeare died at the same place where he was born at.

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