I'm Not A Dead Beat "Being a better man"

I'm Not A Dead Beat is an organization designed to inspire, uplift, encourage, and to motivate men to be the best version of an outstanding father. IMNTADB will provide workshops and classes in areas of Resume Writing, Interview Etiquette, Job Application Submissions , Resources for Child Engagement, Assist in Quality Time with the Child/children, Custodial Rights, and more! Being a great father includes being an extraordinary man. One must strive to being a better man daily!

March 4th 2017

Today has been a day I dreamed about for a long time. This journey has not been easy but it sure has been worth it. Today I'm proud to say with the help of God I'm able to bring my daughter home to live with me. Something we both long and desired for. This young lady is my heart, she is my motivation to be a better MAN, FATHER, ENTREPRENEUR, MENTOR, LEADER, etc. Thanks to everyone even to the ones who doubted my ability to endure. You actually helped push me to keep fighting harder. To my support system you guys are the best! #IMNOTADEADBEAT #JHASH #UNBREAKABLEBOND #DADDIESLITTLEGIRL

Wow it's really been 30 days so far! The transitions and changes are a wonderful feeling. Getting adjusted has its challenges but, we are ready to take them head on. From getting clothes ready for the next day or packing lunch with special notes in them I love it. Over these next couple weeks I will be sharing some creative ideas and insight on how to enhancing your bond with your child/children. Stay tuned it's about to get interesting and fun! #IMNOTADB #JHASHTALKS #DADDYDAUGHTERBOND

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Justin Hash

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