The Overpopulation Problem A Global Crisis

A Major Crisis Coming

Around the world, we are dealing with a major crisis that is happening now and soon. A major crisis that some people even today do not even see or stop to think about their own future. The population in the world is expanding rapidly to the point where you have to stop and think if there are enough resources to provide for future generations everywhere.

1970, there are 3-4 billion people in the world, the crisis is less relevant. But when you take into account the scales 80 years from present day, you are dealing with around 11 billion people who all have the needs to drink,eat, and function. Children in the present could still be alive in that day in age, and what if you think about their children.

What Kind Of Problems Arise?

So what about all the shortages occurring, water, oil, etc. Lets see how much drinkable water there is in the world, lets take a moment to see the percent of the shortage we are dealing with. 2.5 PERCENT is how much we have, and only ONE percent is accessible to us. So when the demand is increasing for water, what happens to all the water?

There could be a shortage of oil supply by 2020 if investment flows continue at their current rate, Saudi Arabia's energy minister Khalid A. Al-Falih has warned. He says that demand starts to pick up from 1.2 million barrels to 1.5 million barrels. So with demand increasing like this, like water demand what's it to stop when the population increases? Oil fuels a lot of things and is very important.

What is being done/should be done about these problems?

The U.S. should continue to treat the population increase as a national security issue. Like climate change and food insecurity, rapid, uncontrolled population growth can be a security threat in as much as it adds to a climate of instability. It’s already a big problem and should not be dropped. Some people are saying that we can't have a secure planet with this increase in population growth. As a result, population growth has been treated largely as a national security issue since the Eisenhower administration. Like some people who are conserving water in droughts or being more energy efficient by using less than they want and what they need. Though there are some inventions to take salt out of salt water to make it drinkable, unfortunately, it’s crazy expensive (let’s talk billions). But car companies and developers have started to make energy efficient cars that don't need oil, like battery/energy cars.

An average american goes through 150 gallons of water a DAY, that's a BIG problem. The people in Africa are already starved or out of water, the difference is a problem, like the amount we are wasting. There needs to be an act and a change in today’s society about our resources and the population growth. But also with the continuation of helping the crisis too.


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