Tombstone, Arizona Evan thomas, noah abell, and caleb mobley

STORY/WHAT: As the town now was bustling and rich with silver, there were a few groups who wanted to claim the town as there own. The “Earp brothers", Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan along with “Doc Holiday” and the town sheriff “Johnny Behan” were the towns lawmen. There were two cowboys “Ike Clanton” and “Tom Mclaury” who arrived in Tombstone the day before the famous shootout for business, and had a few violent run ins with the “Earp brothers” the evening before. The following morning “Billy Clanton” Ike’s brother arrived in town along with Tom’s brother "Frank Mclaury", aswell as their friend “Billy Claibourne”. They all went to the saloon for a drink or two where they were told that their friends had been pistol-whipped the following evening by the “Earps” Now boiling with anger, Billy and Frank vowed revenge and the O.K Gunfight commenced. On Wednesday 26th October 1881 at 3.00pm the “Earp brothers” and “Holliday” spotted the 5 cowboys at the back of O.K Corral and in an instance 30 rounds were fired in just 30 seconds.

WHO: The people involved in this story are: The Earp brothers, Doc Holiday, Ike Clanton, Tom Mcluary, Billy Clanton, Frank Mcluary, Billy Claibourne, and Johnny Behan.

"And Hell's coming with me!"

WHEN: On Wednesday, October 26th, 1881 at 3:00pm.

WHERE: O.K. Coral in Tombstone, Arizona

"I've got two guns. One for the each of ya!"

WHY: Because a local gang member had killed the sheriff "White" and then it all spiraled downhill from there.

Whole entire scene:

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