The Roney's culture exploration By joahna roney

Both sides of family originates from Europe. We are caucasian.

Griswold(mom's side)-English,Irish,Dutch,scottish

Roney(dad's side)-German, English,Irish

The Roneys came to America from England before the revolution and settled in Virginia. And than in the mid 1800s moved to Kansas.

Growing up I hear how my great great great grandma Regula came over from a small village in Switzerland and married my great great great grandfather Roney and settled in Kansas and lived on a farm.

The griswolds came to America from England in the late 1600s or early 1700s.

When my papa died my nana decided she was going to explore Europe and searched recorders of our ancestry. We currently have boxs of information ! One of the stories that really stood out to me was one of my ancestor was an advisor for King Henry the 8th. The king actually beheaded him because he wouldn't lie to the church of him.

King Henry the 8th

My family's economic status is middle class. I grew up in an urban city called Bakersfield in California. When I was growing up my dad worked as an engineer and my mom was a stay at home mom. From pre-k to 8th grade I was in a Christian private school.

My parents were the first in my family to go to college. They met at k-state and got married on campus!

My family traditions come from our Christian faith and midwestern upbringing.

We love celebrating Christmas with decorating the entire house. My mom puts up the Christmas tree up with all of the old ornaments made sense we were kids. On Christmas Eve we go to church and open presents. We have never had Santa Claus involved in our Christmas celebrations.

For thanksgiving , we don't eat turkey, we eat steak. My mom's family comes from cattle ranchers/Buyers so we prefer steak over turkey on holidays.

We celebrate St. Nicholas day. The night before St. Nicholas day, we put our shoes by the front door and my mom would put presents and chocolate in our shoes. It's one my favorite memories growing up!


"Bless their heart" , "don't put if off till tomorrow when you can do it today" , "God is not the author of fear" , "

A family story my father loves to tell is one from his childhood growing up on farm. My dad said in the late 50s or early 60s their was a really bad drought in the waverly kansas area and his dad (my granddaddy) was worry about the fields and how their were going to make ends met. That night it rained but it only hit my granddaddy's land. That next morning my dad saw his dad crying in thankfulness to God for awnsering his prayers. That is the only time my dad has seen his dad cry. This story communicates how much my family believes in the power of God and trusts him with their lives. This story shows how much we value our faith.

Respect is big in my family. I was always told not to talk back to any adult, to call them by Mr. or Mrs. and their last and do what I was told. I was not allowed to call adults by their frist names unless they told me I could.

Growing up, we were raised to speak out our emotions. For example, we were encouraged to say we were upset about and work it out with the person we were angry with. My parents always told you siblings and I to never go to bed angry.

In my family, they always encouraged to do our best. If that was an A or C it didn't matter as long as I tried my all, then that got praised. All my parents cared was that I was trying and pushing myself. My parents are the biggest source of encouragement to me.

In my family, nothing really got one "shunned" or "shamed". There are things that one can do that the family won't agree with but we all still love one other and would do anything for each other.

Growing up we were taught to respect any and ever authority figure especially teachers and the elderly! To give respect to an authority figure wasn't something they had to earn it was something that was always assumed. I was always taught to say please and thank you and do what they asked of me.

Growing up in California meant my family was always busy and always going somewhere. When my brother was young he drew my mom as a headless chicken because she never sat down and was always either cleaning, taking someone somewhere, cooking, or running errands. Growing up we kinda never stopped and " smelled the flowers". There was always a "to do" list that needed to be done ASAP.


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