Who am i? BY: jeep darrah

table of content

  1. who was i before this class?
  2. analyse my cis results
  3. what careers interest me?
  4. what education is required?
  5. what schools would i consider?
  6. what company's would i consider?

Who was i before this class?

  • a kid without direction!
  • a kid with no aspirations! No goals!
  • Just a highschooler who liked to draw.
  • lazy and procrastinated everything!

My cis results

i do not agree with investigative! i would much rather do physical labor.
This is the result i like most. my interests are in environmental careers like fish and game and forestry.
A little odd but i would enjoy all of these jobs!
i personally think art should be farther up but i do enjoy the results!

What careers interest me

  • Wild land forest fire fighting
  • training courses and high school graduation or GED equivalent are required
  • training classes are offered by the agencys
  • Fine artist
  • comic artists
  • a fine arts degree is not required but does let you charge more for bad art.

schooling programs and degrees.

  • fire science and conservation technology's are useful for a scientific edge in securing a more permanent career in a forest service career.
  • traditional Schooling with core classes is really not my thing though. my goal is to attend summer training courses offered by the BLM and/or National Parks Service and pursue further advancements by courses offered by the agency's.

art college

  • If I do attend a college it may be later in life after a few years in the forest fire fighting career.
  • My choices


  • The pacific northwest college of art is a portfolio based entry school.
  • it is located in the middle of downtown Portland

Cornish college of arts

  • Cornish college of art is located in Washington state
  • the tuition is expensive, as is pnca, around $13,000
  • so i have little faith in the future of art college.


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