WRKXFMLY Jodee kitchen

My little sister works on her homework for hours at night, not able to hang out with me and our friends.
I got home late from doing errands for my new job, and my mother had done my laundry and gone to bed by time I got back.
My mom does the dishes every night. I may not be home for dinner, but I always notice when she helps at the house.
This morning I was getting ready for school, and while I was getting my makeup done, my mom was packing our food before going to work.
I went out with my aunt in the ministry. As a Jehovah’s Witness, we view this as work for our God.
I woke up early and had my mom drive me to my older brother’s home, where I babysat my adorable nephews while my sister-in-law went to work.
My mom went into my room and asked me what I wanted for my school snacks. We discussed dinner plans, and she went to the store for us.


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