SPUD COUNTRY Outdoor Idaho

In Idaho, spuds are a way of life. In ‘Spud Country’ we dig deep into Idaho’s potato industry to better understand what it’s like to live and work potatoes. From what we've seen it's not just about mashed potatoes and money. Spud farming is a culture and a way of life for Idahoans across the state.

In producing this show, we’ve gotten up close and personal to see the brute force it takes to farm spuds. It’s not easy and it’s certainly not simple. From harvesting spuds long past sunset to enduring bitter winds while planting, it takes not just grit, but also passion to keep coming back year after year.

But potato farming has a trickle- down effect, so it's not just farmers working spuds, it's scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, machinists, marketers, processors, small business owners and more. All of whom depend on potatoes for their livelihood. The Idaho tater truly just keeps on giving.

All this talk gets you thinking... how did Idaho become the "Potato State" in the first place? This show looks at the historical aspect of Idaho's Famous Potatoes. We'll answer the question of how we got the reputation and why it stuck around.

Tune in for "Spud Country" on December 5th at 7 p.m. on Idaho Public Television