Death's Role in The Book Thief By Grace Yoo

"You are going to die." (Page 1)

From the first sentence of The Book Thief, Death introduces himself to us in a way that makes some of us scratch our heads in confusion. And yet, Death gives us a better understanding of the world during WWII, no matter how cryptic he can be.

Death drops many hints throughout the book (such as the one above) about future and past details related to both the plot and the history.

A good example would be the colors he sees the Book Thief in.

Red. Black. White. Only the black is represented as an image; which is known to most of us today as the swastika symbol. One most recognized for its initiation onto the flag of the NSDAP.

Also known as the NazĂ­s. Hence, the time period is unveiled.

Death gives away many key future fiction events in the book, such as the death of a certain beloved character (whose name will remain unreleased, for the sake of those of you who haven't read the book). Through his constant giveaways, the reader learns that Death sees no point in mystery, no matter how rude it might be.

A hint: His hair is the color of lemons.

Death, as it is voiced by many individuals, is the best candidate for the narration of The Book Thief.

Maybe it's not such a bad idea to die after all. :)


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