Coach V's Cottage By Elisa Ferravante

Our task was to design a Cottage for Coach V. The area of the cottage had to be of a maximum of 100 m2, so I chose to make my cottage of an area of 100 m2. Then I drew a planning of the house from bird's eye view, and I placed in some rooms. After that I drew what the front and one of the sides of the house would look like and I added in some measurements.

(measured in meters)

Bird's Eye View of the Cottage
Front View and Side View of the Cottage

As soon as I was done with my blue print, my next task was to convert my cottage into a 3D design. The sight that I used was tinker cad, and with it I designed the walls, roof, doors, windows, rooms, e.t.c. of the Cottage. This was made so that the design would be more clear to the audience and so that I could continue with my following calculations. As I started my tinker cad I added in my measurements to scale.

1m (in the blue print+real life) =10cm (in tinker cad)

My Cottage shown from different perspectives.

Next are the views from different perspectives of the cottage, which then helped me calculate the total cost of the house, the painting of the walls, the heating for winter time and the shingles that needed to be placed on the roof of the cottage. The views are from Bird's Eye View with and without a roof, from the front and the back and from the two different sides of the cottage.

Bird's Eye View with the roof
Bird's Eye View without the roof
View from the front and the back of the cottage.
View from the left and the right side of the Cottage

It will seem unbelievable but this wonderful cottage has its cost too, for it to be found I made some calculations. The Surface Area of the Exterior walls was found, the volume of the house and the area of the roof. This data was needed so that it would be possible to find the total cost of the heating, the paint and the shingles. Here are my calculations.

Total Calculations

As a conclusion, the Cottage would cost a total of 2,210€. Coach V. would need to pay 50€ for the Celestial Blu painting of the house, 90€ for the Shingles on the roof and finally 2,070€ for 3 months of heating.

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