Sketchy Times

Why? I ask myself as I stand blandly looking into the old rusty, cracked mirror in a run-down gas station located in the middle of Compton, California. where did I go wrong? The blood from my head finally comes into sight, my hands are sore and blood-stained. I continue to look at myself in the mirror, until I notice that I am getting light headed. One other thing I noticed was gun-fire echoing through the dirty broken up streets. I've lost to much blood, I need help. The question is, Where do I go?

Earlier that night, I would say about 11:34 pm. Shane, whom is my best friend, and I are heading to my brother Kevin's house. He is 23 years old, and has been living on his own since our dad passed away. The cause to my fathers death was cancer. He fought a long battle but he wasn’t strong enough to see another day. Anyways we were only heading to his house because we are supposed to make a delivery for him. Not just any delivery, we are delivering a decent amount of marijuana for him. The amount of marijuana we are delivering would cost at least $280. I actually do this a lot for my brother. Its an easy way to make money, and I really need the money since my mom has no job and she is struggling to feed me and my siblings. Out of my whole family, Kevin is the only one who grown up and got a job, house and a bed that isn't infested with cockroaches or even bed bugs to sleep on every night. My mom has been unemployed almost all her life and growing up in the ghetto doesn’t help at all either. As me and Shane close in on Kevin's house we stop and watch his neighbors get raided by cops and then arrested.

"Knock, Knock"

"Who is it?" Kevin's voice distinctly comes through the door.

"It's Jesse." Usually I would say "It's your brother." but it's late at night and Kevin explained to me to never state that I am his brother. The reason for this is that if Kevin ever failed to pay someone back or even if he just simply has beef with someone, no one would come looking for me. You might be thinking why would they come for me, well the only reason why someone would come looking for me is because I would be a bribe. I would basically be taking as a hostage and the only way Kevin could save me is to give them what they want.

"Come in." Kevin says, this time raising his voice so that it will sound clear as it comes through the door.

Throughout the duration of our time inside his home, Kevin explains to us about who we are delivering to and how much money should we expect from the buyer.

"Alright boys, you will be selling and delivering an ounce of weed. You should get $260 in exchange for the weed"

Kevin then went on to scale the marijuana. One gram after another. He put all of the marijuana in a baggy and handed it off to me. I went ahead and put the marijuana in Shane's bag. Just as I was doing so, Kevin told us to hurry up and get to the buyers house.

As Shane and I quickly walk in the direction of our destination, I stop dead in my tracks and ask Shane "Have you ever smoked marijuana?"

"Twice, I wasn’t a really big fan of it." Shane quietly says to me as he slowly turns around to face me.

"Want to try some, together?"

"No way, we are supposed to deliver that. Not smoke it."

"Come on. No one is around, so no one will know."

"Al-- Alright, but just a little bit." Shane nervously says as he reaches for the weed.

“Wait, what do we smoke out of?”

“That tin can right there. we can poke holes in it with me pocket knife.”

We then go on to poke a few holes into the tin can and place a bit of marijuana on it.

"Where is the lighter." I anxiously ask Shane

"It is in my back pocket, Hold on one second."

Shane handed me the tin can with the marijuana on it and the lighter. I sparked the lighter and put the flame above the holes on the tin can, which then lit the marijuana on fire. We both took a couple of hits each and finished. We rushed to put everything away, thinking someone has seen us and called the cops. Just as we started walking, I could feel everything moving up and down. I was getting dizzy, but a little part of me liked the feeling. The rest of the walk to the buyers house was quiet, both me and Shane did not talk at all.

"Knock, Knock, Knock"

Three slow knocks is a way to tell the buyer that whatever he bought from a dealer has arrived.

"You got the stuff?" The buyer impatiently asks.

"You got the money?" Shane asks. I can tell that Shane didn’t get a good impression on the buyer. The buyer handed over the money while I handed over the marijuana. Whenever I make a delivery, I never make long conversations with whom ever is buying. Generally speaking, I like to be quick so that I can get out of the area before anything happens.

Still feeling a little buzzed, Shane and I headed back to Kevin's house to give him the money. Approaching Kevin's house, Shane asks me "Did you like the feeling, the feeling the marijuana gave us?"

"Ye—Yes I did, what about you?"

"I loved it, we should do it more often."

"I thought you said you didn’t like it?"

"Look, I lied. I've never tried it in my life."

"Why would you lie?"

"I thought you would make fun of me."

"Why would I do that. You’re my best friend and I wouldn’t ever make fun of you in any way."

"Alright, thanks Jesse."

Just as Shane and I reached my brothers house, we noticed a man standing at the end of the block. I had only noticed him since I could of swore I heard a loud beep a walkie-talkie makes. I didn’t think to much of the man standing silently at the end of the block, this is only because we are in a sketchy neighborhood.

"Knock, Knock"

"Who is it?" Kevin shouts.

"It is Jesse, open the door." I reply as I am counting the money making sure he gave us the full amount. Yes I know I should have checked when we were at the buyers place, but I was still a little high from before.

"Alright hold up." Kevin says as he unlocks the door.

When Shane and I walked inside the house, I noticed the man standing at the end of the block was gone.

"Shane." I say, about to ask him if he saw the guy at the end of the block.


"Never mind."

Later that night, Shane and I decided to leave my brothers house because it was getting boring. Just as we got to the door...


"Get on the floor" A cop screams as the door blows open.

At least 10 swat team members broke through my brothers door. I try to run, but I notice Shane is laying on the ground unconscious. He must have got hit by the door when it swung open. I'm lost, I never thought something like this would happen.

"Get off of me" Kevin yells as a cop knees on his back to keep him on the ground.

"Stop right there" A cop yells at me as a run to the back.

I make it out of the house. As I am running I trip and smack my head on the dusty cement, as I rush to get up I notice three cops are chasing me. There is no place to go, but as I run down the street I see a run-down gas station with a dirty bathroom on the side.

"Creak" The sound the rusty bathroom door makes as I slowly close it trying to make no sound. Now, back where I started off. I examine my cut on my head. Lightheaded and woozy I try to think of where to go. If I go to the hospital I would have to tell them everything before they can help me. That will just get me caught. So I improvise, I call my other friend Nick. I ask him if I can come over, not telling him what is going on.

"Sure, but you will have to be really quiet." Nick notifies me.

"Alright I will be right over"

As I exit the bathroom, I can hear sirens in the distance. I'm not sure if they are the cops searching for me or if its other cops that got another call. I need to hustle to Nicks house before anything happens. Slowly walking down the alleys and streets, trying to make it to Nicks place I try to avoid the police as much as I can. Cutting through peoples yards, going down alleys, I am doing anything to keep out of the sight of cops.

Closing in on Nicks house, I try to wipe off all the blood I can. Trying not to get caught I look around trying to find something to wipe the stained blood on my hands and face off As a result to looking around the only thing I had found was a dirty, crusty old rag. I then spot water on the street so I decide to dip the rag in it to make it wet so that I can fully get the stains of my skin. As I am wiping my face I start to smell pee. So I quickly throw it off and gave up. After all of that I dry my face with my sleeve and headed for Nicks house front door.

"Ding, Dong"

"Come in, and hurry before my mom gets home." Nick eagerly says as he is already pushing me towards his room.

"What's up, you ok?" Nick as he picks up a few things laying on the floor.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Tell me what's really wrong?"

"Well, Shane and my brother were arrested."

"What, what do you mean"

"I mean the police showed up at my brothers house and broke through the door. Now I am on the run from the cops."

"And you came here?"

"Well I didn’t know where to go. My head is bleeding, I need help."

"Look Jesse, we are really good friends but I am going to have to ask you to leave."

"I understand, I guess I will see you after this is all done. Hopefully."

Walking down the street late at night, in the ghetto, is never safe. Then again I am already in enough trouble so if anything happens it wont be a big deal. I can hear sirens, echoing in the distance. Obviously cops are searching for me right now, like its only been 2 hours since it all started. Were do I go. As I continue to walk I see a vehicle at the end of the street. It is turned off so I assume no one is in it. Reaching the end of the block, the car suddenly turns on. Cops surround me. First it was just the cop in the car, then the cops on my left, and on my right. At all directions around me there is a cop.

"Its over, no more running" A cop yells as he aims his weapon at me. "Get on the ground, NOW!" I slowly lay on the concrete. Confused of what just happened. It is obvious that I will be gong to jail.

Created By
Nickolas Knipfel

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