Humanimals By Alondra, sarah, aerial

Animal vs. Human is when text is comparing humans to animals in bad or good ways. Universal Theme: The use of animal vs.human dichotomy is often used to amohasize a negative point.

Quote 1: "Your heart is burst...." (1.1.96-98) The quote relates to the dichotomy because Iago to a black ram, which is also a racial slur, and desdemonna to a white ewe.

Quote 2: "Because we come to do you..." (1.1.129-131) Iago is using dichotomy as well as a racial slur to say that if othello marrys desdemona thier children would turn into animals.

Quote 3:"I am one sir that comes too tell you...."(1.1.129-131) Iago is using animal vs. human dichotomy to tell barbantio that othello and desdemona are having an affair.

Quote 4:"That we should with joy....."(1.1.129-131) This is showing are dichotomy because Cassio is saying that they should transform themselves into beast.

Quote 5:"To be a new sensible man...."(2.3.324-326) Cassio is talking about he wants his position back, and compares himself too a beast.

Quote 6:"The moor is of free and open nature..."(1.3.442-445) Iago is comparing othello to an ass by saying how he is gullible and easy to trick.

Quote 7:"A harmed man's a monster and a beast."(4.1.75) Othello is saying that a man who lies is a monster and evil.

Quote 8:"And, besides, the moor may unfold me to him."(5.1.21) Using dichotomy as an animal reference moor is related to an animal.

Quote 9:"O dammed Iago! O inhuman dog!"(5.1.73) Roderigo is portraying Iago as a dog.

Quote 10:"O thou dull Moor, that handkerchief thou speak ts of..."(5.2.268-269) This relates to our dichotomy because a moor relates too a animal.


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