Teaming Methods Identifying the need (Presidential Team)

Six Hats methOd

When forming teams using this method it is best to get one person that represents a color of a hat into a group so each group would have 6 people and each would be a separate color, and since each color compliments the other the team should accomplish their goal easily.

The Benefits of working together using this method are simple since each color compliments others it would be easy to keep production running smoothly, and since each colored hat also determines what jobs they would like it is easy to assign jobs.

The disadvantages of working with this team method though deal with the fact that there is only supposed to be a multiple of six team members. with one color group having to much or to little members than the other group it becomes hard to work together when one color group is ahead of another. it would also be a problem to be missing a color group entirely for instance if you had a five man group without the color blue; blue is the natural leader that is supposed to keep everyone going along at a smooth pace, but without that color the team will have a problem with working at a consistent pace.

The six hats method is still useful because it can bring a variety of people into a team which can benefit the team as a whole because of each individuals skill set.

This team making method though would not be useful if you do not have someone from each color, because each color is needed to have an optimized group


There are 4 different categories for each personality Type, there is two possible types within each of the 4 categories leaving 16 possible personality types. Each of the 2 types within the categories has a style of working,. You can use this to determine which people's working styles are the same, whose would clash and whose would compliment each other.

Their working styles could complement each other, it would teach people to work with people with different ways of looking at things

Their working types could clash so bad nothing would get done, and/or the team members differences could cause arguments or leave team members out of the decision making process

This would be useful for a teacher who wants to assign teams in their classroom solely based on personality type and not based on separating people who usually work together or separating people who don't get along or anything of the sort.

This would not be useful in putting all the same personality types together because there wouldn't be any diversity in working style and would allow for as many ideas to be shared and debated because there would be many more similar ideas instead of the members being able to bounce new different ideas off of each other.

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