Christopher Columbus. adventure awaties

WHAT IS CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BEST KNOWN FOR?: He and his sailors crossed the atlantic ocean- not knowing where they would land. It was a voyage into the unknown. after Columbus, other Europeans began to explore and settle in America. When he first sailed he had a crew of 90 men. Columbus made three more trips to the new world and on his second trip he brought horses, introducing animals to the new world. This new world that he discovered was already home to thousands of native people. Columbus never stepped foot in North America before he died in 1506 in Spain. He died never realising that he did not make it to Asia. Columbus day is celebrated but not in all states. Sometimes this day is referred to as discovery day.

Christophher columbus was a italian explorer, navigator, coloniser and citizen of the republic of Genoa. Under the auspices of the catholicmonarchs of Spain he completed four voyages across the Atlantic ocean. His first voyage into the Atlantic ocean in 1476 nearly cost him his life.

Christopher Columbus was born 1451 Genoa Italy. died may 20,1506 in Valldolild Spain. Ship's Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina. Children, Diego Columbus, Ferdinand Columbus. his dream was to sail west until he reaches Asia to find gold.

By Ayden and Dom


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