Studio Lighting Aeris pugh, photo ii, period 1

Strobe - A lamp made to flash intermittently, producing regular flashes of light.

Monolight - A self-contained photographic flash lighting unit usually found in a studio.

Stands - Used to support your light sources, strobes, and even light modifiers or backdrops.

Reflectors - An improvised or specialized reflective surface used to redirect light towards a given subject or scene.

PocketWizard - A wireless radio triggering system for off-camera lighting developed in the late 1990s, by LPA Design. It requires a transmitter electrically connected to the camera, usually mounted on the camera's hot shoe to trigger a remote receiver connected to a remote flash unit via a PC Cord.

Hot shoe - A socket on a camera with direct electrical contacts for an attached flashgun or other accessory.

Sync cord - Connects a flash gun to a camera, so that when the shutter release is pressed, the camera's shutter opens when the flash fires.

Diffusers (Umbrellas and Softboxes) - A diffuser is any device that scatters light in some manner, to give soft light. Reflecting umbrellas produce a diffused and soft light due to the larger size of the reflecting surface. They are mounted in such a way that the strobe light is actually facing away from the subject or model. Light flies from the strobe head hitting the inside of the umbrella and then bounces back towards the subject. Softboxes are usually square or rectangular. They are lightweight boxes that come with a reflective inside and a translucent front. Softboxes are attached to the front of the strobe over the light source. Light emitted from the strobe head gets reflected inside the walls of the softbox and diffused through the box's translucent front creating a soft, but more focused light source illuminating the model or scene.

Barn doors - Flaps surrounding a strobe that can be opened or closed to control the light and prevent it from spilling.

Gels - A transparent colored material that is used in theater, event production, photography, videography and cinematography to color light and for color correction.

Gobo - A plate of metal or glass in front of the bulb that creates a pattern of projected light.

Flags - Any kind of opaque object placed in the way of light to better direct it, to prevent lens flare or to prevent it from spilling.

Sandbags - Weigh light stands down to prevent them from being knocked over. A typical sandbag has pockets that you can fill with sand.

Tripod - A three-legged stand for supporting a camera or other apparatus.

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