Veggie stock and glaze By Tyler p

Vegetable stock never includes meat. vegetable stock is most commonly used as a base for vegetarian and vegan dishes.The most basic ingredients include veggies,herb,spices and water

The proportion and kinds of vegetables will always vary in different recipes. vegetable need to be simmered for 30 to 45 minutes. To get particular flavor add more of that certain vegetable

If you want round out flavors you can add neutral tasting vegetables such as celery and onions.To create a strong vegetable stock you should use cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and artichoke.

A glaze is a more concentrated and reduced stock. This results in a flavorful, thick which will turn solid when refrigerated. Glazes are created through the process called reduction.Reduction is evaporating the stock by simmering and boiling.most glazes can be used for sauces,vegetables,meat,poultry and fish.

Look at the difference

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