For Honor? Where is the Honor in AFK Farming? By Jonathan Martinez

In a videogame called For Honor people have figured out how to cheat the system by going AFK while gaining experience to level up. What does AFK mean? AFK means away from keyboard. What is AFK farming? AFK farming is a way of leveling up in a video game without playing the game. There already is a system in place, which is if you stay in one place too long you get kicked out of the game so another character can replace you.
Even though this works, people have found a way around the system put in place, that kicks you out, by putting a rubber band on your controller in a certain way and then your character will move so then you can put down your controller and do what ever while you are leveling up and getting rewards. For example take a nap or go and eat something.

Ubisoft knows how to Counter this!

According to “Ubisoft detailed just how it’s fighting back against these “farmers,” and what kind of penalties they’ll be facing as a result: “First offense will trigger a warning, then, repeated violations may result in a Ubisoft account suspension applicable on the game (temporary or permanent).” If you do AFK lightly and not a lot don't worry, according to “Actual disciplinary action depends on the severity of the behavior and shall be decided at Ubisoft’s discretion, on a case by case basis.” So it depends on how much you farm. Hopefully you have learned a lesson on why you should not AFK farm because if you want to play the game you can't AFK farm.

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