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Only phonyes don't give me an A+ on this goddamn assignment...

I like to pretend that I know the answers to other people's posts on social media. I go on the internet a lot. I like to mess with people because it's funny how serious they take it. My favorite thing to do is to go in a chat room or forum and try and disagree with as many people as possible. It's fun to get these people going. With how crazy politics are these days, it is almost too easy. I just go to someone's page and start trashing the candidate. People think I'm an ass but I don't really care. It helps with my own amusement. Anyway, I'm writing this blog so that I don't have to explain myself when people ask what is wrong with me. I can just link them to it and that is the end of it. In addition, it is quite an experience to go back to something that I wrote years ago and read it. So back to my life, this week has been the slowest moving week I think in history. It seems as if each week is always longer than the previous. That reminds me, the Friday before my spring break, we have a so called "half day". It's ridiculous! It's a goddamn full day without lunch. I would much prefer a full day of school. Anyway, I probably won't go anyway considering I've been missing most of school lately but I don't really care. Well that's all I can come up with for this blog. If you are here because I sent you here, stop asking about my life you phony.

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