MEF Innovation Site Guide 2017

Channel Cutting Service

MEF runs Sterling fully automated bandsaws, with a cutting capacity of 50 Lengths of channel per cut.

The Channel is "Cold Cut" so there is little to no de-burring required, In our dedicated fabrication workshop we can cut up to 1000 Lengths of channel per day and due to the fact that the channel is cut in a machine manufactured for the purpose the quality and precision of the cuts is constant.

Why cut channel on site, requiring hot works permits, and the use of expensive cutting discs and labour when MEF can, within 24 hours turn around your cuts with a speed and efficiency unrivalled on site, whether you require 20 cuts or 200 cuts. All cut ends can be painted with primer if required.

Call our sales team on 0131 448 2525 for more information.

Fabrication Services

MEF has operated a fabrication service for some 23 years, and we have made a significant investment in plant, machinery and materials over that period. We currently operate an unrivalled fabrication service with our sector, with a skilled labour force to back it up.

We operate various machinery including, a 50T metalworker, spot welding machine, various band saws and a full welding facility.

Whether it is large or small quantities we “jig” all bracketry to ensure consistency of size and quality. Pipework and Electrical containment can be pre-fabricated into the brackets prior to delivery to site, freeing up the skilled labour on site, and taking away the uncertainty of predicting site labour hours


• Efficient use of Skilled labour

• Precision engineered parts

• Speed up on-site installation

• Reduction of waste on site

• Fixed up front costs

• No hidden (unknown) costs

• No hot works permits required

• Increased accuracy of brackets

Distribution Board Fabrication

Utilising customer supplied distribution Boards, MEF can receive delivery direct from your supplier, and unpack ready for fabrication.

We can fully mount your choice of trunking size to all external surfaces of the DB, fully slotting the DB and the trunking to suit your choice of wiring method, attaching flanges or take-off bend as required.

We can fit Tufnol / Paxoline to all slots or wrap all edges in Grommet strip to reduce cable chaffing.

All trunking turnbuckles can be fully fitted and aligned to engineer a neater more aesthetically pleasing finished product.

All breakers can also be fitted, ready to accept wiring on site


• No on-site downtime

• Quality of finished product

• Ready to hang on wall

• Reduced waste, no leftover components

• No requirement for on-site cutting

• Manufactured using customer supplied DB’s

• A choice of slotting requirements

Chiller & AHU Rooftop Supports

The StrutFoot™ Flat Roof Support System, offering total flexibility for design layout & installation.


• StrutFoot - Independently designed & manufactured in the UK

• UNISTRUT© framework provides strength & convenience for cable management installation

• Cross compatibility with all UNISTRUT© type brackets

• Fast & economical systems for mounting M&E services, Air Conditioning & refrigeration on flat roofs

• Easy to install for individual products or complete installations

• No penetration of waterproof roof membrane

• Standard & bespoke configurations to suit your requirements.

• Anti-Vibration pads pre attached to feet

• Feet & blocks available separately

• H Frame kits available with pre cut UNISTRUT© channel

• Complete backup for all your cable management requirements

Conlok by Demon Cato

The Conlok system is a quick fit unthreaded conduit system, designed to dramatically reduce labour and increase speed of installation. Standard conduit tube is still used and the accessories are now replaced with the Conlok, boxes, couplings and adaptors.

The British Standard Institute has accredited the Conlok system with BS EN 61386-21:2004 the same BS no. as the traditional screwed system. Conlok is the only quick fit system to achieve this standard and the only system to offer a full range of 20mm and 25mm accessories.

Interest is growing daily in the new Conlok system as it offers a massive labour saving incentive and has been proven to speed up installation time on site by around 75%, with a saving in labour of around 4 – 5 Minutes per spout.

The Conlok system has been installed throughout the new Heathrow Terminal 2 Building, saving a huge 75% on labour over a typical install.

Full product details, including BS certificate, promotional video, and test report, supplied by the British Standard Institute are all available at

Sikla Framo

The innovation of FRAMO is its connectivity rather than the fact that it is a box-section.

The pre-punched sections are fixed to using a self-forming bolt that is fixed using a battery tool. This means that connections can be made quickly and easily. The bolt can be removed and re-fitted if necessary.

A closed box section is far more solid and resistant than any ‘open’, i.e. U-shaped section and performs equally in all loading directions. This allows connections to be made on all four sides of the product.

It’s ideally suited to large diameter pipe supports, large containment installations, access frames and tank/plant supports.

Full design calculations can be made to give piece of mind to the contractor and assembly drawings are supplied where frames are being site assembled

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