DAY 1 – The first day of creation, today for me was really just about experimenting with different instruments and sounds trying to find out which ones I liked and wanted to include in my final song. This stage I was undergoing at this certain time is one I like to refer to as the Experimental stage because none of my choices were definite and could be alternated if needed. In today's first attempt in composing my song the instruments that I decided to use as base instrument or as the primary components to my song were the bass guitar and piano, or in other words they were the only two instruments I had time to experiment with.


DAY 2 – The second day of creation, today like the first was still about experimentation seeing that I was still in the early stages of composing my song. In today's lesson I experimented with two more instruments the drums and the guitars fixed for the rock genre. At this stage I still wasn't certain on what musical genre I wanted my composition to evolve around. In today's lesson I discovered various guitars that I liked, the Liverpool guitar being one of them which is quite ironic seeing I'm a Manchester United fan.

DAY 3 – The third day of creation, today was the day in which I started gradually putting the things I liked and thought sounded good from the first two days or lessons into my composition. I added variations of the bass guitar/ smart bass such as the: Liverpool as well as the Picked guitar. Furthermore I also added the variations of the Smart Keyboard by adding the Polarize and Machine language which I found both interesting and complementary to the bass guitar. I also during the end of this class experimented with the smart strings as another way of adding another instrument into the composition.

DAY 4(Supposed to be DAY 4) – Today I wasn't able to attend class because of the fact I was ill and needed to go home early.

DAY 5 – The fifth day of creation, after missing last lesson I was slightly behind when it came to composing my song. In today's lesson Mr Jelic played a fellow students composition (Nikita’s), I found this song to be very good and unique taking into consideration the wide variety of instruments that were implemented. After listening to Nikita’s song I was unsure whether I wanted to carry on adjusting and creating my guitar/piano based composition. The fact that I was unsure about my composition meant that I needed people's opinion on what I had already done, although as soon as I got up to ask for people's opinion the lesson was over. On the plus side what I was going go do next lesson were already determined.

DAY 6 – The sixth day of creation, as I said in the last diary entry today lesson was going to be based on deciding the basis of my composition, for this I asked various people their opinion of my progress so far in my composition, not only this I also listened to other people's compositions to try and get some inspiration to help me make my decision on what instrument or genre my composition was going to be on. I finally decided that my composition was going focus on the dubstep, electronic type music, because of this I started experimenting with dubstep loops and more upbeat types of instrument types. These instruments that I use range from upbeat piano to dubstep/house loops.

DAY 7 – Seventh day of creation, In todays lessons I set of in the quest to complete my newly decided dubstep/house composition. In todays lesson I experimented with loops specifically with dubstep loops. With this I created the intro and basis of my composition, in the intro I used a combination of both house and dubstep loops. Once I was satisfied with my intro, the next step was to add a larger variety of instruments with this I added piano as well as the drums (Hip Hop drum machine). After all of this was completed I showed Mr Jelic my composition as well as fellow students I did this as I wanted other points of view to make it better, once this action was completed I might some slight adjustments and tweaks to make my song better.

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