The 3-2-1. Tech @ CSD: News & Tips for Teachers

Today is Sunday, November 27, 2016. Three more weeks! Don't let them rush by in a blur. Slow it down enough to enjoy the kiddoes around us everyday.

On these pages, you'll find:

  • a weekly status update on the TOP3 concerns of the week,
  • 2TIPS to help things work a little better in your classroom, and
  • oneIDEA to consider about technology and teaching.

This week's TOP3.

  • I received a whole bunch of bogus events on my iOS calendar over the Break. This one pertains ONLY to Apple mobile device users. Did you get some unwanted invites to a Ray-Ban sale in China on Black Friday? Me too. Don't be too concerned . . . My reading suggests you are not hacked, but you may want to take a look through the linked article below so you can squash this little issue quickly.
  • A repeat from last week: My desktop or laptop station is slow or isn't working the way I'd like in some other way. Remember that your first move is to submit a ticket with a screenshot to Please don't ask colleagues, admin, or students to help you troubleshoot--that approach will only serve to frustrate you in the end. Please be sure to provide Nucentric with a cellphone number or other means to contact you and arrange a time to talk or visit during the school day.
  • I can't come up with a #3 for this week. Either I do need to be truly grateful this weekend or you'll let me know what I've forgotten this week. For now, I'll go with thankful.


  • 'Tis the Season for Scammers . . . Apparently. You will have received this advice from Joe via email too, but it bears repeating. Hackers are phoning mobiles and representing themselves as Windows support folks. Do not fall for it. The originating phone number is 852.963.7410. Here's some more background on the issue that Joe received from Sharon C's husband (a MicroSoft employee!):
  • Microsoft Support does NOT contact individuals for purposes of initiating support. Support conversations are customer initiated only. Anyone contacting you in the manner described by Joe, is not a representative of Microsoft.
  • A Tip from Christy Godkin: Remember the request we made about a month back to check your email settings so that your emails don't merely represent you as "CSD" and nothing else? Christy found a small hiccup not on her desktop settings but in her iPhone settings. Here is the suggestion she sent to help other iPhone users:
I realized why I am sometime CSD.....

although I had taken proper steps to avoid this on the desktop, it was my iPhone that was the issue. I had labeled it CSD and home for my 2 accounts. THAT was the issue for me, so others may be inadvertently doing the same thing.

To correct for those that often use their iPhone for emails do this:

  • click on settings
  • scroll down to mail and click on it
  • click on accounts
  • then click on the the email you want to edit...for this issue, it would be your CSD account
  • choose account again once in that screen
  • NAME is what you need to change from CSD to your name or your name-CSD


An IDEA of note.

Have you seen FlipBoard? Take a look at this really neat online content aggregator. It's a eye-pleasing way to gather up credible content and great reading from around the Web and have it all curated for you in magazines that reflect your interests. Check FlipBoard out at:

Next week, I'll provide a link to a FlipBoard site Admin has been curating for the past year and show you how I'm putting FlipBoard to work in my Internship and Independent Study class. My students are the editorial board.

Don't forget: wired pcs and laptops, CSD.local domain, wireless or wired Internet connection, etc. AND SEND A SCREENSHOT!!!!!!

Tech Team Students are available for triage and diagnosis ONLY. Please do not tempt them to make changes to your device! They remain on provisional licenses only!

See you next week!
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