Washington Monument Jenny Contonio

  • Pyramid
  • Gillette Stadium - where the Patriots play

I decided to build the Washington Monument because it felt like an easy enough build for someone as bad at Minecraft as I am. I first looked up a tutorial, which seems unnecessary for this easy of a build, but I am really terrible at Minecraft so I needed a starting place. The tutorial I chose was terrible. It had me build an 8 by 8 base and only 20 blocks high.

I started the base and was feeling very confident.

Next, I made an outline of the structure. I was following the tutorial at this point and was still feeling good about.

Believe it or not this is the end result of that "tutorial" I watched. Moral of the story: trust no one. I felt like this looked nothing like the Washington Monument and more like a basic skyscraper. I am awful at Minecraft but I still knew I could do better than this.

So I broke it down to a 4 by 4 base. I then used the real dimensions of the Washington Monument and proportional math to decide how tall it would be. It ended up coming out to like 47 blocks tall, or something like that. So I built that.

Next I tried to make the top pointy. This was hard because it was only a 4 by 4 so making it come to a point was nearly impossible. Strategic photo taking makes it look better than it is.

Next I tried to make a circular two toned base like the real one around the building. I was pretty proud of this and felt like the building was done at this point.

Next I made the pool. I used similar math to find out how big to make this. My math must've been off because it said it had to be 125 blocks long. I ended up stopping at 25 because it looked proportional. I then dug down one block and filled with water.

My final product turned out pretty good.


  • Choosing what to build
  • Trusting youtube tutorials to pull through for you
  • Choosing what the dimensions would be
  • I should've made the base bigger than a 4 by 4 so I could make the top better
  • Animals getting in the pool


Created with images by Alexander Day - "Washington Monument I"

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