SAVAGE Road to darkness

"Reborn from torment, nourished by pain accompanied by cruel thoughts that give birth to dark intentions, wrath, wrath, wrath. I must comfort the hate that consumes me, reclaiming your meaningless lives. Your disgrace will be my existence and I exist to assume misfortune, calamity at my steps and desolation for those who obstruct. Your peace pales before my cruelty. There will be no salvation. You can hide or fight without changing the destiny before you. Disappear. Wrath, wrath, wrath..."

2D platformer that salutes to the good old hand drawn animation based arcade era. A road to vengeance from a Shinobi Crocodile!


We are heavily inspired by japanese hand drawn animations so we try to showcase our influences in game production through the animation technique, design aspects & soundtracks.

Oni Wani

The main character of the story and is controlled by the player.

Goki Wani sprite sheet samples
Oni Vs Watanabe
Aura Repulsion

The creatures that constantly oppose Goki Wani.


Concept art of backgrounds and possible look of the realm where all the characters interact.

Background painting process
Colour thumbnails
Rough level design
Sound Design

Below is a short video showing the individual animations and the sound design accompanying them.

A lot of the sounds for the game have been created by recording location sounds. For example the gun shots and explosions were made by recording fire arms at gun range.

I took out several shot guns microphones to place around the range and experimented with numerous positions in attempt to capture the best sound. Once recorded to make the explosions more realistic, I pitched the recordings down and made careful use of compression to create a suitable 'punch'.

Wind sounds and airy sounds were created by recording hoovers and hand dryers and then later edited and manipulated to suit the animations in the game.

Other sounds were created by using synthesisers such as MASSIVE and Absynth 5 e.g. Boar charge beam and the Crocodile's water aura.

Fact Sheet
  • Developer: ARTcle Studio.
  • Game Status: In Construction
  • Platforms: PC, Mac.
  • Website: Oni Wani destroy it, we are repairing it...
  • Availability: Digital Download.
  • Languages: English - Spanish.
  • Press Contact:;
  • Social: Kickstarter, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.
  • A manga and playable anime, tribute to old-school video games with a touch of new.
  • Classical art that gives life to magical and dangerous worlds.
  • Difficulty for those who like it hard along with the fun of a classic platform / adventure game.
  • Test your ability as a player, facing a number of annoying enemies.
  • Immerse yourself in a great story by unique worlds, nothing, scale risks, explore the secrets that hide.

Lovers of video games, manga, anime, animation, we would sacrifice a team member for working with someone like Koike Takeshi ...

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