When is it right? -Tay dubose

When is it right? When is right to be wrong? When is right to be right? Are you guilty? Can two wrongs make a right? Or can two rights make a wrong? If someone hurts you badly would you forgive. I don't get it. When is it right to take advantage? When is right to stand up? The only thing I'm saying is when is it right? There's a question to this whole thing. But when is right to answer them? When is it right to be assertive? When is right to be passive? Its crazy because nobody knows when it is right to do something,you feel as if its right but don't know.But appose a person breaks your heart, tells you they're sorry over and over. What would you do? Tell them its okay? Tell them it's not worth saying sorry? Tell them you'll take them back? what would you tell them?..Forgive? Would you forgive because..you can only forgive and forget but deep down its not even forgotten about. So you tell me...Will you forgive someone if they hurt you or broke your heart? Forgive or Forgiveness?.......... When is right to forgive huh?...When is it right to forgive?


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