Anatomy of the Heart POp-art sculptural book

3/10/2017: I really don't like most of my sketches, I am not a very good drawing artist. However, I do like the anatomical design of the stethoscope or the sunset. The design in those is more comprehensive and well put together, but I don't know how to tell which will be successful for this project. I don't think I want to do all different designs that don't have a universal theme because I don't think it will be unified. I think that I will draw some more sketches but I still don't understand what this is supposed to even look like.

3/14/17: I believe I am making more progress with my pop art sculpture book. I am leaning toward my sketch of the stethoscope, but honestly have no idea what the final project is going to look like. I like the anatomical theme because anatomy is interesting to me. It's hard to draw on such a big scale and enlarge my pictures and it takes a lot of erasing. It's already frustrating me that I can't plan for this project with a finished idea of how it's supposed to look at the end.

3/20/17: I'm honestly not sure what my plan is to transfer one of my designs to make a cover page. I didn't have three themed designs because I didn't know that should have been an ultimate goal at first, so now I only have two themed designs instead of 3 and I'm a little stressed. The design should still follow the anatomical and circulatory theme, with the bold color scheme of primary colors and the main rainbow colors. But I'm not sure what Britto's color theme so I think I should see how he varies his colors. I'm just frustrated trying to plan for something that I don't understand yet, and I'm really not sure how to go about it.

3/22/17: Today I have to finish my cover page for my sculpture book which is a little overwhelming. I have drawn most of it, but have yet to add color and am not sure which direction I want to go in for that. I overall am pleased with the sketch I have made, and plan on possibly using markers and watercolors as my two mediums. I'm just worried that this design will be too similar to my other design. However, I think I'm going to draw a stethoscope that's curled in a heart like shape to be my focal point of the piece.

3/24/2017: Today I am supposed to be finishing up with the cover of my book. I am pleased with how the sketch turned out and how things are coming together. I am using Britto's two shades of one color theme in my piece and incorporating pop art more in that way. Everything is flowing nicely and I think there is good unity as well as variety in my piece. Now, I just have to rush to finish coloring today and I hope it goes well.

3/28/17: Today I finished my cover page by gluing it on the cardboard, as I finished coloring it at home because I was so far behind. I'm pleased with the way my first page looks because I believe the green, red, and purples flow very well together along with the spiral and heart design. On the back I used mainly blue and oranges which are complimentary color. The overall transition from the colored pencil to the marker flowed nicely and created variety, but wasn't enough to sway it from being unified. Also, I started on my pages and drew out my heart beat puzzle piece drawing and I'm excited to start on that part. However, I'm no longer sure what I am doing for my third design because my original plan looks too much like my cover page.

3/29/17: Today I am officially starting on my pages of the sculpture book. I'm going to start with the puzzle piece design made out of the heart beat lines and add different designs within the pieces. I plan to do a kind of heart design as well as a possible stethoscope design to keep with the universal theme of anatomical circulatory system. I'm still not sure if I'm going to keep the other design since it is very similar but I'm at a loss for what else I would do. I think I should definitely stick with a similar design, but add some sort of way to make it pop out and be different.

3/4/2017: Today I need to finish the front of my pages and figure out designs to go in my puzzle piece thing. I believe I want to change mediums to marker and watercolor, or even just add watercolor to be three mediums total. I'm just getting a little tired of not knowing what I'm going to do for the back page and just being at a loss of creativity for designs. The puzzle piece design is going pretty well so far and I'm excited to color it, which I believe I want to do before I start the backside. I'm honestly just very ready to be done drawing and sketching out my designs, although it was definitely worth it with the way the cover page turned out.

4/18/2017: Today I need to continue to work on coloring the first page part of my sculpture project. I'm upset I did not know there were new markers so last class I used a bad teal one and it messed up my paper. I'm not sure how to fix it and it is really bothering me. I really don't feel like coloring today and I'm not sure if I should add a design to all of my puzzle pieces, or just leave it and water color it in. Also, I've never really used watercolor so I'm not sure how it's going to go.

4/20/17: My project is coming along well I'm just trying to figure out how to add some more unity in the midst of all the different colors and designs. I started using water color last class and it is much faster than colored pencil or marker. I like the effect is it adding as it is a distinctly different medium. I need to finish coloring the first side today so I'm able to start on the other side next class. I ended up fixing the marker that had been going out by adding colored pencil on the top and it seems to have worked out.

4/24/17: I'm still working on the second side of my pages. I keep adding more colored pencil, but it takes so much longer than the other mediums. I like the effect the water color is having on the design and creating a piece with more variety. I do not, however, have the best water color technique and the paint brushes I'm using aren't really working out. Another issue is that whenever watercolor accidentally touches the marker, it smears onto a different puzzle piece, but I'm working on being more meticulous about it.

4/26/17: I don't have much time to get work done since it is an early release day, but I really need to finish coloring the pages today. There is a lot left to do and it seems like I only color like three puzzle pieces a class which is not nearly enough. I'm trying to recreate the design patterns in a few of the different puzzle pieces to add more unity to the piece. Also, I'm leaving a few just simply painted with water color so the page doesn't become too busy and become too much to look at in general because I'm worried about that with the overall different patterned design that I'm doing.

4/28/17: I ended up finishing my pages during the last class. I am overall very pleased with how it turned out, but I like the colors more and the overall unity of the side with the stethoscope side better than the puzzle piece side. The colors and design allow it to flow better, but the puzzle piece side has more variety. I colored a piece orange, but I'm really not happy with the way it turned out, and am hoping I can add some cool effect while doing the 3D part to make it look better. However, there is a lot of contrast in the piece which makes it interesting and appealing to look at.

5/2/2017: I was absent!

5/4/2017: I was absent!

5/8/17: Today I'm coming back after two days of being absent from AP testing and I feel really behind. I have to cut my pages, I believe in half, today to start making it like the accordion. I plan to have heart pop outs in an attempt to create the allusion of a heart beat in between the pages. I'm really not sure where to put a weaving, let alone how to go about doing it. I also plan to do some cut outs in between the folds, but I don't know which shape I should do yet.

5/10/17: I did not make too much progress last class, as I was late due to car key issues, but I did make red pop-up hearts in between the pages and I really like it. Today I need to figure out how to do the weaving and make some actual cut-outs. I think I should cut out the circles in the stethoscopes I have drawn on the pages. I need to focus on making it look less like a book, but I don't have an overall picture in my head of what it should look like as I usually do which worries me. I like having an overall plan in order to attack the project, but I don't; I think I'm going to add more pop-outs to create the affect of movement within the piece.

5/12/2017: Today I have to finish my pop art sculpture book. I did not get to the weaving last class, but I did plan to put it where there are solid colors on both sides and use a bright color for emphasis. I'm also going to add a few more pop ups and cut outs to make the piece look less like a book. I want to have the overall heart theme but also want to include heart beat repetition as well. I'm anxious to get this project finished but I am disappointed that I'm pleased with one side way more than the other.


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