Sally Mann By: Reece boland b1

Photographic Work


Education, Training, & Influences

  • One of Sally's biggest influences was her father, Robert Munger who introduced her to photography. He trained her into the photographer she is today.
  • In 1969 she went to Putney School when she was a teenager and took up photography.
  • After this she spent two years at Bennington College studying photography.
  • During this time she was able to work with another photographer Norman Sieff.
  • Sally graduated in 1974 from Hollins College in Virginia.
  • After a year she earned a masters degree in writing.

Early Career

  • Sally Mann was born on May 1st 1951 in Lexington Virginia.
  • She was able to go to college pursuing her photography career.
  • In 1983 Sally started photographing 12-year-old girls.
  • These pictures soon became apart of her book At Twelve.
  • Another book explored the psychology of relationships and this was called "Dream sequence."
Example of Sally's pictures included in "At Twelve"

Later Career

  • Mann took many black and white pictures of her family and titled these "immediate family." These portraits where unveiled in 1992 at a gallery in New York City.
  • This "collection" of pictures created lots of controversy because some pictures focused on her three children who often appeared nude or in some disturbing positions or situations. Some people believed she was exploiting her children or that it constituted examples of child pornography but other people believed that this collection was great because of how it reveals the complexity of childhood.
  • Mann says that to capture these disturbing yet remarkable photos she "take[s] pictures when they are bloodied or sick or naked or angry.”
Example of one of Sally Mann's controversial pictures of her kid
  • In the 1990's Sally started to take pictures of landscapes (taken in Georgia and Virginia).
  • She then began to take pictures of the progression of her husbands muscular dystrophy.
  • In 2003 she showed "last measure" which are photographs of American Civil War battlefields.
  • In 2007 she exhibited her "What Remains" collection that focused manly on death and the decomposition of the human body.
  • In 2015 her great accomplishment was publishing Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs.

Why She Is Famous/Awards Won

  • Mann has won many awards including the NEA award , the NEH award , and many Guggenheim Foundation grants.
  • Mann's work is held by major institutions internationally.
  • Time Magazine named Sally Mann "Americas Best Photographer" in 2001.
  • Mann's bestselling biography was Hold Still which was a finalist for the National Book Award. So she not only is a photographer but she also is a writer.
  • Mann is best know for her black-and-white pictures that capture the controversial topics. These topics include, death, decomposition of the human body, and her threee kids.

Why I Like Mann's Work

I am a fan of Sally's work because it is very artistic and interesting. Some of her pictures look happy and some look sad so she has a good balance. Yes, some are very controversial but others are truly a work of art. She has a very unique eye for photography that makes you like her photos more compared to other photographers works.

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