ASHA PROJECT Providing Hope and Opportunities for people in Nepal.

School Supplies distribution



1. Our Mission

2. Our Impact

3. Our Approach

4. Our Strategic Partners


6. Our Supporters in US and Nepal

7. Long Term Strategies

8. Legacy of Hope - Micro credit Project

9. Rays of Hope -Educational Foundation

10. Homes of Hope - Building project

1. Our Mission

Our mission is to help poor people in Nepal to renew their HOPE and build there FUTURE.

Providing Hope and Opportunities

Friends of Nepal-NJ (FONNJ), a 501(c) organization founded in 1990, to promote cultural heritage and help in economic development by focusing on education (scholarships, teacher and vocational training), health and skill development. FONNJ works in collaboration with many NGOs to support community schools, health centers, micro credit projects and scholarships in Nepal.




FONNJ celebrated its Silver Jubilee in March 2017 in Nepal. FONNJ has been working in Nepal for the past 25 years to provide humanitarian support. We provide more than 500 scholarships a year in collaboration with the Rotary club of Patan and established scholarship program in 1990; We have provided vocational training for more than 500 people; on going computer training for more than 5000 youth; micro credit loans to worth more than $100,000 to 2500 people; and have completed more than 18 Rotary International matching grant projects worth more than 1 million dollars to improve water, sanitation, health and educational opportunities for more than 60,000 people in Nepal.

Celebration in Nepal 2016-17

Future projects will target rural schools, home building and communities with special vocational training programs and $100,000 micro credit loans for women to start their own businesses.

3. Our Approach

With your financial support, we will provide training and resources to:

  • Rebuild communities in Nepal after the earthquakes.
  • Build, renovate and/or support schools in remote villages.
  • Sponsor primary and secondary school students with scholarships.
  • Provide micro credits loans to people who were affected by the earthquake
  • Conduct medical camps to help rural villagers.
  • Offer vocational training to women and poor people.
With Rotaract Leaders and scholarship recipients


A Collaborative Project of Rotary Districts 7510 and 3292 Nepal and other Partnering Organizations.

Collaborative Partnership in Nepal.
Rotaract clubs in Nepal, The Maya Foundation, The Khushi Foundation

New Jersey Rotary District 7510 and Friends of Nepal-NJ have banded together to help people of Nepal. To rebuild homes, schools, libraries and provide school supplies as well as micro loans. Working in partnership with a number of organizations in Nepal and USA, volunteers will bring hope for a better future to some of the world’s poorest people in Nepal.

Support with rebuilding Homes in Nepal

In addition to construction projects, vocational training programs, we have been taking group of volunteers every year since 2014 to implement new programs during the annual mission as well as utilize pool of Nepalese youth volunteers. We will monitor our results by receiving monthly progress reports and plan to take volunteers every year to continue our work with the ASHA Project.

Mobilizing Resouces
Youth Support for the program.


  • [ ] $75 Send one student to school
  • [ ] $100 Buy a goat for family.
  • [ ] $150 Start a business with Micro credit loan.
  • [ ] $350 Support one student with uniform, health care and school supplies for one year.
  • [ ] $500 Establish E-library
  • [ ] $2000 Build a house
Goat distribution in Nepal

Please mail your tax deductible check to the address below or contact us for more information.

Friends of Nepal-NJ, P.O. Box 5015, Somerville, NJ 08876,

Supporters in Nepal
Youth Leader's support.
Rotaract club of Rudramati-Babarmahal members helping with the Three Sisters project.

6. Our supporters

Rotary Supports in Nepal.
Organizational Supporters in Nepal
District 7510 Rotary Supporters

Visit www.theashaproject.org to see the complete list of US supporters.


  • Received $100,000K grant from Rotary Foundation to start a new Micro-Credit Project.
  • $75 grant in the process from Rotary Foundation to build computer labs and school facilities. .
  • Continue supporting business planning and grant proposals for more projects
  • Continue collaborating with our partners and develop more partnership with other NGOs.
  • Collaborate with reputed partners on projects to build houses, schools and community health centers and micro credit project.
Rotary clubs visit in Nepal.


Founded on a novel idea that education and financial support, not charity, provides the surest way out of poverty for poor families we have established the “Legacy of Hope – Micro Credit Project” to provide destitute women with a micro-credit loans. As a result, these women have gained knowledge and source of income for themselves and their families. This program has helped more than 2500 women in Nepal to empower them to take control of their lives, improve their family’s standard of living and provide what every mother wants for her children — hope for a brighter future through better nutrition, health care and, most importantly education. $100,000 grant will be distributed during our 2018 visit.

Micro Credit Recipients and supporters

Our goal is to reach more than 50,000 thousand borrowers within 5 years — providing a hand up to the working poor.

With the Micro credit recepinet in Nepal


Passion into Action

The vision with our education foundation is to set up $100,000 saving deposit to be able to provide students with the opportunity to go to school without having the financial burden. It is when children have the opportunity to learn that they also understand the importance of education. This understanding ultimately will be promulgated to the next generation.

Rays of Hope Campaign
School Support


Our goal is to build houses in collaboration with the Rotary District 3292 in Nepal and other organizations. This will untimely help the people who need it most. It is apparent to us that we can do so much more good in providing the help, resources, and guidance in working with Nepalese organizations already on the ground. This doesn’t mean that we don’t plan on getting our hands dirty and laying as many bricks as we can. But now that we have been to Nepal, assessed the progress, and have made the connections, we can truly start helping the rebuild Nepal. ​

Home building site visit.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” MAHATMA GANDHI

"Changing the world begins with the very personal process of changing yourself, the only place you can begin is where you are, and the only time you can begin is always now." ~ Gary Zukav ~

The Asha Project, P.O. Box 5015, Somerville, NJ 08876

Phone 908-369-4318, Website www.theashaproject.org Email: trm7510@gmail.com

If you like to support the ASHA PROJECT visit www.theashaproject.org

Durlum court visit in Parbat.
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