Year 6 Autumn term 1

In Literacy this term we have been focusing on using a wide range of punctuation and different clauses in our writing. We are reading “An Elephant in the Garden” by Michael Morpurgo to follow plot lines and character progression.

In Maths we have focussed on Number, with an amphasis on Place Value and the 4 operations. The children have been looking at fluency of calculations and how to apply this learning into Problem Solving and real life situations.

In Science we have looked at how we classify living things using the 7 characteristics which we use “MRS GREN” to help us remember. We have also used and designed sorting keys for animals.

In History we have been looking at WWII and some of the key events of this time period. We looked at the effects of war on society including what it would feel like to be an evacuee and how women were important during this time too.

Our Art focus this half term has been to look at Wildlife, with an emphasis on birds. We have looked at how to build up our drawing skills from basic shapes to detailed drawings. We have looked at drawing techniques and ways in which to apply colour for effect.

We visited ‘Root N Fruit’ and learned lots about the community garden. We explored some of the foods being grown there and even helped with some of the gathering of the fruits and vegetables that we ripe and ready. Bob showed us round and made sure that we had an amazing time!

Hanley fire station invited us to visit their Safe and Sound event where we learnt many important lessons about being safe.

During Safe and Sound we got a tour of the fire station

DHL showed us how to be safe around HGV’s and how easy it is to be missed in the many blind spots.

Some of us even got to go in the lorry cab and pretend to be drivers.

We went over our CPR techniques and practiced our chest compressions to the tune of “baby shark”

We visited Haywood high school for a transition day. We all got the chance to take part in Technology, Science and English lessons. We experienced lots of learning that wouldn’t necessarily be available in our school including; using drills and sanding wood in Technology and safely lighting and using a Bunsen burner in Science.

We have loved our new curriculum and have flourished learning new things. Have a look at some of our Art work

We have learnt how important food was during WWII and how we could have helped to feed our families during that time.
For Buzz for Writing day we created some poetry using some creative ideas.
We’re becoming fantastic scientists too by classifying animals into categories.


Created with images by Kelli Tungay - "Back to School"