Harn Museum of Art Bianca Maesa

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

I chose Celeste Roberge's piece titled Geographies to due to the technique. An aspect that struck me the most was how minimalist it was but it conveyed so much meaning. The egg like shapes evoked the origin of life; the shape with lines on it represented longitudinal and latitudinal lines, the rocks inside a metal cage suggested the elemental and timeless and the hair represents the nature of human beings.

Design of the Museum

The exhibit the stood out to me were the walls showcasing the pictures of Frida Kahlo. I admired how the museum had a simple backdrop and soft lighting in order to prevent distraction from the importance of the exhibit, the art.

Art and Core Values

Louise Bourgeois's piece titled Ode à I'Oubli appealed to me on a personal level. Like Bourgeois, I am an immigrant from the Philippines and her work related to my core values since it represented her life as a female immigrant. The abstract form of some represent her confusion living in a new world and while the sharp angles represented anger and frustration. Overtime she learned to overcome those emotions by obtaining a core value of harmonizing with society, which was represented by the oval shaped pieces of fabric.

Art and the Good Life

This piece by the Guerrilla Girls conveys a theme of fighting to solve gender inequality in order to obtain a good life. I had the pleasure to hear one of the members speak here at the university and she stated that their original motive was to educate society about the inequality in the art world. These inspirational ladies created this visual representation to evoke the unjustness in the Metropolitan Museum. This later on catalyzed the movement to educate the public about gender inequality in even more categories such as the workplace, government, and Hollywood. The theme of fighting for the greater good shown by visual representations are essential for the betterment of society.

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