Book Thief Themes By: Travis Vandoozer

Theme 1: The Power of Words

“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.” ...

The theme "power of words" goes together with this quote really well. It is clear that Liesel loves the written word but she is careful about using it the right way. She has hated words because they can cause destruction as well as peace. She obviously wants to use them right in order to not cause conflict or destruction. She believes the power of words is to be thought about before written.

This video explains all about how words have power. "Your mouth can spit venom or it can mend a broken soul." I like this quote from the video because everything about it is true. He also says at the beginning of the speech that you could have a very beautiful thing to say but if you say it in the wrong words, then it is gone. Words are power. Everything you say has power weather you realize it or not. A simple choice of words can be the difference of someone accepting or denying your message.

Theme 2: Morality is Connected to Science

"I'm nothing if not fair. (1.8)"

Morality is a very good theme for this quote. Death describes what he thinks about his job and how he is supposed to do it. Death won't take you before you're body is dead. No matter what you did or didn't do in life, this Death will treat you just like he does everybody else. Obviously Death believes that everything he is about is being fair and if he is not fair he is nothing.

This video discusses how science can relate to morality. This speaker talks about how science can be related to morals. He talks about many things but the part that interested and stood out to me the most was when he talked about how culture can have a big role in how we perceive morals. Morals can only be decided by the human mind. He also talks a lot about human well being. Until I saw this video I was almost certain i knew what it meant but he argues that it is not something that is a fact or can be directly defined.

Theme 3: Courage has Consequences

At school, Rudy made a special point of seeking Liesel out during the breaks. He didn't care that others made noises about the new girl's stupidity. (8.47)

Courage is an interesting thing. While having it is good, there are consequences that come with it. In this quote, Rudy displays a lot of courage standing up for Liesel. He didn't have to but did it anyway knowing he would be an outsider. Like the quote says he doesn't care what others think about Liesels lack of knowledge.

This video tells a story about a girl who is one of the few female photojournalists in the Gaza Strip. She is very courageous even when the male coworkers shun her. She preserves through the criticism and eventually works her way up to a high position where she is given access to areas denied to men.

Summative Theme : The Power of Words


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