Florida By: Geona elise

Florida's climate is hot and rainy because of its location.

This is a photo of Florida's climate.

A drought would impact Florida harshly because, it'd be dry, and it could kill many animals and plants.

No rain brings drought.

Thunderstorms impact Florida by affecting one place at a time.

This is a picture of a thunderstorm.

Hurricanes impact Florida by causing storm surges, tidal flooding, high winds, heavy rain and flooding.

This is a picture of a hurricane

A peninsula is a piece of landform almost surrounded by water or projecting water out into a body of water

This is a picture of a barrier island.

After the Ice Age, the peninsula of Florida as ice sheets, called continental glaciers, melted and reformed, as they melted and reformed, the coastline of Florida changed.

Florida's peninsula

The elevation of the most of Florida's peninsula is less than 100 feet above sea level.

A barrier island is a long narrow island lying parallel and close to the mainland to prevent from erosion and storms made by sand and tiny pieces of shells that was left by the wind and ocean water.

This is Florida's barrier island.

Barrier islands are important to Florida because they protect Florida from erosion and storms.

This is Florida's barrier island.

Florida's wetlands are important to Florida because, they protect the coast from flooding by gathering water during storms. They also help refill the underground water supply by collecting rainwater.

This is Florida's wetland.

Many lakes formed in central Florida because of food control, aesthetic pleasure, drainage, navigation, fishing, recreation, storm water treatment, water for livestock, to provide fill material, and slush or to increase property values.

This is Florida's lake.

The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean are important natural resources because, Florida relies on its coastal state residents and residents alike. Coastal ecosystems in Florida support a variety of sport and commercial fisheries which contribute significantly to the state's economy.

This is The Gulf of Mexico.

Lumber is an important natural resource because, it is important to local economy, like soft wood trees.

This is lumber

Phosphate is an important natural because, phosphate used as fertilizer mining of natural gas, and petroleum provided 1.5 billion dollars of Florida's overall economy.

This is phosphate.

Limestone an important natural resource to Florida because, Florida ranked second nationally in production and fourth in consumption of crushed stone. Most of the limestone is used for road consumption and is used to manufacture masonry sement.

This is a picture of limestone.

Oil is a important natural resource to Florida because, it has a big contribution to Florida's economy like the phosphate.

This is a picture of natural oil.

Renewable energy is energy that's from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human time scale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat. Nonrenewable resources energy comes from sources that will run out or will not be replenished in our lifetimes- or even in many, many lifetimes. Most non-renewable sources are fossil fuels: coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

This is a nonrenewable resource.


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