Daily Life of a Scribe they were respected and well paid.

The scribes used sharpened reeds as pens and they used sheets of papyrus as paper. The scribes had two wells of ink in their tablets, one red and one black.

Only men were allowed to become scribes. They spent twelve years or more learning hieroglyphics. They also started school when they were five years of age. The students had to learn over 700 hieroglyphics.

The scribes had many different jobs. They kept track of the grain and food supply. The Legal scribes recorded courts cases and they helped enforce the law. The Military scribes kept track of the army's soldiers and the food supply. They also recorded the enemies killed in battle.

The scribes were the official record keepers and writers.

A scribe carried his tools wherever he went. He also carried a tablet with him. The tablet had a small container that held water, the water was used to wet the ink.


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