7th Grade Peek of the Week January 6-10, 2020

#CelebrateMonday 1/6
  • Teacher Workday
#TurnUpTuesday 1/7
  • Welcome Back Scholars!!!
  • Basketball game (Away)
#WinWednesday 1/8
  • Work on our #oneword projects during READ
#ThankfulThursday 1/9
  • Basketball game (Away)
#FocusFriday 1/10
  • Free Hat day for Waddell, Lothridge, Fulton, & Aldred homerooms
  • Social Studies Formative

Parents, below you will find information about tryouts for Baseball, Soccer, Track, and Golf. Also check out the information about our new online physical system. If your scholar is planning to try out for Spring Sports, now is a great time to get that physical done.

Content Info For The Week

  • ELA (Gordon): We are going to start a new novel "The Giver". Leading into an exciting new unit. We will also begin to integrate USA Test Prep into our weekly schedule to reinforce our Unit 4 priority standards.
  • Read 180 (Hester & Miller): Students will be writing from the perspective of an epidemiologist in order to describe the feeling of the doctor as he arrived in Thailand to investigate the Bird Flu.
  • Math (Allmond, Fulton, Lothridge): Tuesday students will review rules and expectations and will participate in a review escape room activity. Wednesday and Thursday students will begin learning about similar figures and scale drawings. Students will build on their understanding on Friday by participating in a "mini-me" project where they will scale down their own bodies and determine the measurements of their "mini me."
  • Science (Aldred & Tedder): This week we will be focusing on GROWTH. How come you are not the same size you were in kindergarten? Your cells are multiplying through a process known as mitosis. We will focus on vocabulary and in class activities to help students understand this amazing process.
  • Social Studies (Lewis & Waddell): We are jumping back into South East Asia geography this week, looking specifically at the environmental impact of air pollution and water pollution. On Friday, students will complete a formative assessment on the physical geography (all the countries and physical features) and the information learned during the week about pollution.

Look what we have been up to!

We went to lunch today and talked about all the plans we have for our 7th graders this semester... it is going to be an #elite 2020!!

March Grade Level Field Trip to Atlanta

2019-2020 7th Grade Trip

Date: Friday, March 27th

Trip #13401

$165-Paid in Full by: March 1st

*Offered via Kelly Tours*


**Behavior Requirements Apply**

7th Grade Team Contact Info!

Teachers pictured from left to right:

Anna Waddell-Social Studies-awaddell@bryan.k12.ga.us

Drew Fulton-Math-dfulton@bryan.k12.ga.us

Lindsey Lothridge-Math-llothridge@bryan.k12.ga.us

Anna Lewis-Social Studies-alewis@bryan.k12.ga.us

John Allmond-ESS Math-jallmond@bryan.k12.ga.us

Bethany Gordon-ELA-bgordon@bryan.k12.ga.us

Melissa Tedder-Science-mtedder@bryan.k12.ga.us

Bobi Hester-ESS Read 180-bhester@bryan.k12.ga.us

Brandi Miller-Read 180-brandi.miller@bryan.k12.ga.us

Anne Marie Aldred-Science-aaldred@bryan.k12.ga.us

BCMS Administration Team!

Liz Raeburn-Principal-eraeburn@bryan.k12.ga.us

Abram Scott-Assistant Principal-ascott@bryan.k12.ga.us

Blaine Ennis-Assistant Principal/Athletic Director-bennis@bryan.k12.ga.us