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Mission Statement

The 180 Degrees Consulting Yonsei Branch was established with the mission to provide affordable and high-quality consulting services to non-governmental organisations and social enterprises in Korea and to create opportunities for individuals to thrive while producing meaningful results.

In South Korea, Yonsei University students have founded and currently operate the first fully-approved branch to bring a better world for all.

What is 180 Degrees Consulting?

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest university based consultancy and we provide socially conscious organisations around the world with very high quality, extremely affordable consulting services. We are committed to working with organisations to develop innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions to the challenges they are facing. We have worked with organisations as as large as Red Cross and World Vision, right through to small start-up social enterprises.

For 11 years, 180 Degrees has supported organisations big and small with challenges ranging from revenue generation to operational efficiency. Our consultants go through a rigorous selection and training process to become part of 180 Degrees, thus ensuring that you receive high quality services.

Our Impact

We improve education, reduce homelessness, and alleviate poverty by helping non-profits receive the support and expertise they need to improve and expand their services.

7 step process

Our consultancy follows through a specially designed 7 step process that ensures organisations and firms are able to gain organised and analytical help from our student consultants.

In this manner, our Student Consultants at 180DC Yonsei follow through a well-developed procedure that aims to help organisations and firms reach their optimal results.

Who Are the Consultants?

"180 Degrees Consultants are incredibly talented, very creative, high-achieving, carefully selected university students that are committed to making a difference in the world."

Student Consultants at 180 Degrees Consulting are thoroughly chosen from a competitive batch of applicants, all from the prestigious Yonsei University. Once selected, they undergo a demanding training process in order to ensure maximum quality of services for partner organisations and businesses.

Want to learn more about our Student Consultants?

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Projects of 2018, Spring


"Thanks to 180DC Yonsei, we almost doubled the number of applicants for the programme with less hours of work." - Marketing, Adecco Korea

"The Yonsei team provided us with manageable and realistic solutions to our problems; not only did they offer us professional services, the Student Consultants highly contributed to our improvement by enthusiastically applying themselves to the issues we had been facing." - KAYD

"Working as a social corporation is always a new challenge, but it was pleasure to overcome and discuss these challenges with the young Yonsei students."

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