Global Warming What's the REAL problem?


Global warming is a thing that we can't hide from – it's always going to be there and we will keep talking about it (like I am now). These are real: rivers are shrinking, fires are raging and ice caps are melting. If you listen carefully, "YOU can even hear the dolphins cry". I'm not going to just repeating the outcry that we need to take actions, because we all aready know that. The reality is harsh and solutions are complicated and experimental, ranting and raving won't solve the problem.

I once read an article issuing a stern warning to the coffee lovers on "How Climate Change would affect the coffee". Really? When our earth is "bleeding", worrying about our next cup of coffee seems inconsequential. Or are we masking the real predicament we've run into by using "Global Warming" as a click-bait? We have long past the stage of raising awareness of the problem, and continuing to shove posters, banners, advertisements in our face is not going to save our world from its fever. If anything at all, excessive paper and ink wastage just makes our earth bleed more. Even if the coffee paranoia is not trivial, there's a good chance the point of global warming has already been made plenty of times.

"Climate Change is no longer some far off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now" -------------Barack Obama

The world displays a vicious cycle from whatever we do. Through out history, we have seen the consequences from careless mistakes we have made. We are becoming major consumers of all sorts of goods that provide convenience and luxury for our lifestyle at the cost our environment. When we want a new car, we go and get one and drive it everywhere, even the next block coffee shop. When we feel thirsty, we just step in the convenience store and grab a bottle of chilled water. The more advanced we grow, the more our nature shrinks. We only have one earth and we're not doing a very good job looking after it. As we carry on with our everyday lives, we are blind to see that what we think is normal, is actually a demon with a mask on. You may wear a t-shirt saying "save our pandas", but your newest model phone, disposable bottle and excessive amount of sneakers say otherwise.

Anyways, this isn't a simple problem we can solve by simply putting our rubbish in the bin or buying fair trade. Politicians and world leaders cant just point fingers at each other. I like to think of it as rock formations. With years and years of tiny water droplets, the twelve apostle were formed. This shows that it is possible that we can stop global warming but it will be a painful & slow journey for the greater good. Each one of us would have to be prepared to sacrifice some of our lifestyle items we get so used to. Each country would have to be brave enough to take the steps without bickering about what other countries are not doing.

Stop shoving posters in our face. Stop crying over a cup of coffee. This is a problem without a fixed answer. We can't do this as an individual, or as a country alone –

we need to work as one world to save our world.


Overall, I didn't find this task too hard. When I first got handed this task I thought I was out of my depth. I had NO idea, whatsoever, how I was going to do this.

But as I started typing my written text, words just starting coming out of me page by page. I didn't want to stop writing! In the end I had to cut the length down but it still went over the 500 word mark (just a bit!). To be honest, I think it was a fluke that I compleed the writtent text so quickly. I actually really enjoyed the first step.

I also found the annottations really fun. At first, I couldn't get into ThingLink and I couldn't upload an image but when I got the hang of it, it was simple.

When it came to designing the web page, I wish I asked for more help. I kept putting it off because I didn't know how to get in and I thought it was going to be really difficult to design it. When I FINALLY got in, it was a lot easier than I thought.

Doing this task, it kind of gave me a tiny little taster of the thoughts that go in when advertising. Especially when I did the visual text and the annotations for it. I spent a long time racking my brain for a little statement or phrase to put on my image. When I first thought of it I didn't really like it but as I started "highlighting persuasive techinques" I realised that it wasn't half bad. I also realised there was a lot of other tools that I had used (vectors, gaze) unintentionally.

It was kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. I didn't really know what the pieces were going to be or where I was going to put them, but in the end, I got the full image.

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