Lord, help us get one more! Every Nation Campus - Tayug

Hello Ministry Partner!

Good day partner, how are you? We hope everything is fine in your personal life and with your family. As the month of February ends, we are excited to give you update of the great things that is happening in our ministry today.

The God Test (A global survey) has brought us into the next level of evangelism in different campuses not just here in Tayug but to the entire Pangasinan.
After the training more than 1500 students received and accepted Jesus Christ as their Personal Lord and Savior.
G10 Einstein ( 25 students from their class got saved last week and now plugged into Life Groups)
85 out of that 1500 came from our ministry work here in Tayug. Especially in our Tayug National High School.
Pictures taken after/during LIFE Groups (We have students from college, grade 11 down to grade 7)
After the outreach month the students are now part of LIFE Groups. Last January we have 3 consistent meetings every week, now we started 6 new LIFE Groups that cause us to engage more students every week!
(Deidre, Alyssa and Kyle)
Out of this LIFE Groups we have now new students to raise up as next generation leader! Yahooo!

One of the heart melting stories that I've encountered this month was the story of Deidre.

She is the sister of Gwyneth (One of our student leaders here in Tayug)
Because they came from a broken family, she has to be separated from her siblings and father. She grew up living with her Grandmother. She is a grade 11 student in Tayug NHS. She said "I did not have a chance to feel the loved through family ate" crying while saying this to me. "I grew up separated from my mom and my dad I felt like even my sibling don't want to be with me".
As I hear her story I felt the loneliness and sadness all over her heart that cause me to share my story and the story of the unfailing love of Jesus. Now she understand her value in Christ, that she is a princess, not an accident. She is accepted not rejected, and she will forever be loved by a Matchless King.
She is excited to know God more and fulfill God's calling over her life and now part of our LIFE Group and boldly inviting her friends and classmates to join every week. She also joined our The God Test Training and ready to share the love of Jesus to other.
Like Drei, there are more students who needs to hear the Gospel. Who needs to hear that they are loved and accepted by a loving Father through Jesus Christ.
They need to hear that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. That they are not an accident.

Let's continue to ask God to help us get one more student like Drei.

Please pray for:
  • More students to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior
  • That they will be hungry to know God more in their lives
  • They will continue to commit themeselves in our LIFEGroups
  • More volunteers to disciple the students
  • More of God in the lives of the students
  • New student leaders to rise up in our ministry
Your partnership makes a great impact in the lives of the student that we are reaching out. As you continue to take part of this mission, the greatest reward we can have is to see student's being changed by the Gospel inside and out. From darkness to light, from brokenness to whole, from fears to hope. Surely, God is pleased in our faith. Faith in investing and trusting the next generation for the advancement of His Kingdom here in the Eastern part of Pangasinan.
On behalf of Every Nation Campus, Thank you! For answering the call of reaching the students for Christ and transforming our nation through raising the next generation. Apart from your faithful partnership we cannot do this. Again, thank you for your heart for this generation. May God bless you in every area of your life.

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