"be the new wave"


An innovation in clothing, Endtag uses original, inspired artwork to truly capture the feeling of music. This comes alongside a companion app that utilizes image recognition to allow the user to listen to the music depicted on the clothing.




Branding is made to be clean and not distract from the design of the merchandise itself.

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Clothing can be boring, with the only interesting aspect to it being the design itself. This creates a reliance on the design, where some may not deliver. It is especially true when it comes to music merchandise, which typically depicts standard album art work, or pictures of the artist. These make the merchandise lack mood, and a song's meaning could get lost entirely.

We want music lovers to come together in their love for music through what they wear.


Our competition is other clothing retailers, which include Hot Topic, Hello, Merch, Rockabilia, and Bravado. While all of them sell music merchandise, specifically typical band shirts, Hot Topic is the most popular one as it rose in mall culture in the 2000's. Hello, Merch and Rockabilia run along the same line as Hot Topic but do not have as much popularity. Bravado is the closest fit to Endtag in that it does more than just sell clothing; it also works with artists to bring their artistic vision to life. They do not seem to market this well enough so they are not as popular as the other retailers.

What sets Endtag apart from these competitors is that it does more than just sell, it connects people. For most companies people just buy a shirt and they're done, and it may even be some third party product rather than their own. Here, we want the feeling of music to stick with the consumer and spread to passersby, encouraged even further with the app. Through these endeavors, Endtag has the capability to be both massively popular and innovative.


The main target for this type of product are people who already wear music merchandise. Additionally, we would look to those who would wear it because of the new technological aspect, and those who just want it to see what the technology is like, as a secondary audience. For the most part, these audiences typically range anywhere from 15 to 40 years old, with no bias toward gender.


In order to best reach our target audience, advertising will be done through social media campaigns. Social media is an important aspect to the audience, many spend hours a day just scrolling through it. Ads placed for people to see while they scroll will accomplish the optimal engagement necessary.


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