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What is company culture?

- It is the "personality of a company."

- A company's culture can be the difference between loving or hating your job. It can make you feel safe and valued or unimportant and insecure.

Article Title:

10 Examples of Companies With Fantastic Cultures


Sujan Patel. Published on August 6, 2015.


  • Inform readers of the various ways in which companies create a great company culture and how to apply that information to your own company.
  • 10 different companies – 10 different takeaways.


  • "Zappos hires people according to cultural fit first and foremost"
  • Fun and upbeat workplace culture = happy employees that truly desire to provide customers with excellent service and treat other employees with respect.


  • Chevron uses health benefits and programs to show employees that the company cares about their health and well-being.
  • They require their employees to take regular breaks.


  • Another approach to creating great company culture is with company benefits, which shows that employees are valued members of the company.
  • A few perks of working at Google include: "free meals, employee trips and parties, financial bonuses, open presentations by high-level executives, gyms,” and “a dog-friendly environment"


  • Large companies that experience rapid growth end up creating highly competitive cultures. Highly competitive cultures can lead to a stressful and competitive workplace environment.
  • Facebook's attempt at solving that problem includes the creation of conference rooms, separate buildings and lots of outdoor space for work breaks.
  • Facebook has decided to have management (including Zuckerberg himself) work in the office space alongside other employees in order to create "a sense of equality among the competition."

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