Hannah Alhilali portfolio

Artist statement

To me when i take a photo it's not just for the enjoyment of taking photos I like to inspire who's going to be looking at the photo. For example one of my favorite picture was the rule of thirds assignment, when I was taking the photo for inspiration i wanted my subject to lean against a tree and have her leg up so her leg could move the audience's eyes through the whole picture.I wanted this to show what I learned in photography and what I learned about rule of thirds

TOP LEFT:what inspired me to take this photo was my and my partner were out walking and i said go lean up against that tree and stick your leg up and her leg moved the viewers eyes through the photo.this is one of my favorite photos i love the color and how everything is put together. TOP CENTER:this photo i think works really well how the background is out of focus.TOP RIGHT:i believe this photo stands out because of the focus and the texture of the seed pod.BOTTOM LEFT:this picture is cool because i think the angle is interesting but i could've focused it better.MIDDLE RIGHT:this is one of my favorites because i like how she moves your eyes through the picture.BOTTOM RIGHT: i think its picture stands out because i think its good lighting and a good point of view

Resume: Hannah Alhilali

Job experiences: i babysit sometimes

skill statement #1:i am able to adjust shutter speed. #2 i can edit a photo in light room. #3 i can successfully open light room. #4 i can freeze motion using a high shutter speed. #5 I can create a professional looking photograph by adjusting photographs in Photoshop

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