Change in populations Olivia Taylor

Natural selection affects single-gene and polygenic traits within population by, directional selection, stabilizing selection, or disruptive selection.

Table corals are very sensitive to temperature, high temperatures can cause bleaching, which can result in death of the coral. So table coral is affected by temperature change.

Pink salmon is affected by low water temperatures because they have to swim in warm water in order to swim up stream and migrate. Migration is crucial to their survival as a fish.

Tawny owls are affected bycliamate because there are brown and white owls and recently in the last 48 years there has not been as much snow so natural selection is favoring brown owls since they now blend in more against predators.

Banded snails are affected by the warm temperature in Europe and their shells change in coordination to their body temperature and usually the lighter the shell the colder the snail and the warmer the temperature the darker the shell.

Red squirrels are affected by cool weather, they are used to warm springs and a dry environment because the warm air makes the trees produce more pine cones for the squirrels to eat and the more cones a female eats the earlier she will give birth.

Thyme is affected by freezing weather, they need warm air to produce chemical oils but are sensitive to freezing.

Quiver trees are affected by climate change because they can't grow fast enough to catch up with the climate.

Trichoderma is affected by climate change because it can't thrive in too warm or cold temperatures

Microorganism is affected by the biosphere because it lives in places like soil, hot springs, and rocks and it is used to a particularly warm environment.

Bacillus subtills are affected by temperature which can affect the soil they grow in.

Bluetongue a Teri a is affected by climate change because it increases that chances of someone developing the disease.

Penicillium is affected because the habitat it lives in has become more dry and it needs more moisture in order to function properly.


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